Seeking fat & beefy but not muffled.

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  1. I spent some time playing with a couple of Ampeg combos, a GK Cabinet with a LM3 and some Jazzes the other night at GC. I'm looking for big fat beefy tone. Not muffled. Just deep fat and beefy.

    What else should I look at? I was thinking of bringing my LM2 and my bass to some stores and getting a feel.

    What other heads can I compare my LM2 to?

    What other cabinets should I try with the LM2?

    By the way. I think the ampeg 210 combo I played came closest to what I was looking for but I don't recall the model and I think I can do better. At least I'm gonna try.....:hyper:
  2. Who are some your favorite players, bands, recordings? Who do you aspire to sound like?
  3. Mesa MPulse
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    Fat and beefy? That's got Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 written all over it.
  5. I'd promote anything Mesa. Especially the cabs
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    The cab is a bigger deal to how deep you go than the amp.
  7. Ampeg stuff has that beefy deep tone kinda built in as the starting point. If you have enough wattage to drive one you would have a hard time beating the low end out of an Acme Low b series cabinet ;)
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    GK all the way!
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    What exactly are you shopping for? An amp head, cab(s), or a combo amp? "Fat and beefy but not muffled"...what?

    It really isn't clear from your post.... :confused:

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    As far as cabs... fat and unmuffled has fEARful written all over it. Clear, clean, fat low-end.
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    Both Hevos and Glockenklang can do that.
    Or...if you can find one; I'd suggest a merlin head.
    Truly a great amp!
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    I find the Bass 400/400+ to have just about the burliest, yet very clearly defined mids/low mids around. Match with Mesa or Ampeg cab and you're golden. Somewhat $$ though, but if you are talking Markbass you can get Mesa used.
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    +1 my little M3 combo is so fat it makes Oprah look anorexic.
  15. If you are looking for a fatter low end and more clarity, higher quality, but still a bit 'grunty and rough' like the Ampeg, the Aguilar TH500 is quite something. Four pounds, built like a tank (VERY reliable design), not too expensive.

    The TH500 is the most 'beefy' small amp I've ever played... fatter and punchier down low than the wonderful LMII, a bit less clear and less treble extended. I love it with my Pbass.

    The Aguilar DB cabs or the Bergantino HD cabs have a great voicing that supports the beefy tone... not too much deep bass extension, lots of low mid heft/girth, and a nice dose of mid mids.

    The TH500/DB112 x 2 is perfect for the 'Pino' tone, for example.... fat, warm, bit, organic.

    If you are looking for a combo that gets you there pretty well, the Walkabout Scout combo is pretty hard to beat..... expensive, but very nice, and it will do the 'beefy' thing in its own way (a bit deeper voiced than the TH500/DB112, and a bit 'tube sweeter' up top.
  16. Reasonable question, and to clarify my recommendation above, given he was interested in the Ampeg, I'm interpreting his 'fat and beefy but not muffled' as representing the following tone profile:

    1) The ability of the amp to provide a lot of energy in the upper bass, lower mids. In other words, not overly low end extended (deep bass), and a well voiced low mid control or semi-parametric mid control to reinforce that tonality, which is how I define 'beefy and fat' versus pure low end extension. Same goes with cabinets, which is why the Bergantino HD's and Aguilar DB's came to mind.

    2) Some midrange harmonic complexity (which is a fancy and positive way to say 'midrange distortion'). That sort of warm, organic sort of mid mid and upper mid response that brings to mind a slightly pushed tube power section.

    3) A very controlled and not overly extended top end... no sizzle, but still enough information above 1K to help with note definition and attack.

    If that is 'on the mark' with what the OP is looking for (and it might not be), heads like the Walkabout, the Aguilar TH500, the TC RH750 would all do the job (as would cabs like the Berg HD line, the Aguilar DB line, the Bear ML line, etc.)

    I prefer the TH500 versus the other heads I mentioned regarding price/value, reliability, size/weight, service and support, and overall slam:bassist: For a combo, the Walkabout Scout seem to line up quite well with that tone profile IMO and IME.
  17. Ken,

    You expressed "Beefy" "Not Muddy" extensively and accurately as to what I am referring to. Of course, listening to the different options available, I will be able to make a better choice. Thats what I'm trying to do by getting out there and doing comparisons.

    As far as the concerns Michael mentions, I don't know if I'm shopping for a head or a cab or both. I only tried the Ampeg combos to see if I could find a reference point. I am not interested in buying one unless its the only way to get what I want to hear. I know your a fan of the Markbass LM2/3 head so I'd expect you to know if it can be beat, within its class of course, getting FAT tone.

    Do you know of any youtube videos playing the FAT tone that you know and hear?
  18. The problem with youtube videos are the other components involved play a roll in the tone. Anywhere from the cameras mic or the audio interface used, the recording computers sound card, the digital converting, internet connection, your sound card and speakers/headphones.... it will not be a good representation of the original sound.
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    Try some 15's
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    + 1 for KJung's suggestion. Any of Roger Baer's cabinets will deliver phat, articulated tones. I'm currently pushing one of his ML-112's with a Walkabout. From your description, your ears would love what this cabinet delivers. Don't forget the armadillo food. ;) ;) ;)