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  1. Mastiff_5


    Mar 26, 2013
    I'm on the lighter is better bandwagon (approaching 50 yrs old), and there are a lot of great cab builders out there. I still use my Mesa Subway D-800 amp. The Mesa Powerhouse 2x12 was my favorite cabinet ever, so far (have owned other mesas, bergs, ampegs new & classic, etc.).

    I want a single 12 that gets as close to the Mesa PH 2x12 as possible (one of the super cabs) or a lighter (neo?) cab of any config that matches that flavor.

    My other wish: that the speaker components are replaceable... I've had so experiences (even with two of my mesa cabs) where the speaker was a one-off run for a mfgr, or the speaker is no longer made, etc. I understand that there is obsolescence, but being able to replace a busted speaker (a concern when buying a used cab from even the greatest of TB'rs) quickly, is nice.

    Whats the brand here? Schroeder? RevSound? Everyone loves Bareface, but again... aren't their drivers "proprietary" as in modded by the speaker manufacturer?
    Who makes the tonal clone of my dream girl?!? hahaha
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    May 4, 2006
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    Mesa does make a single 12, you should probably start there. As for needing to quickly replace the speaker in the future, not sure why that is an issue. I have never ONCE needed to replace a speaker on any cabinet I have owned. However, I know your experiences are far different than mine were. The only thing I can recommend is to invest in a HPF pedal and cut off some of the extreme lows to your rig.

    What situation are you currently in that requires a single 12? How many people, genre of music, and their gear.....