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    Jul 3, 2004
    :help: I play the drums in a band at the moment and am getting fed up of bashing skins for a living, so decided i might get myself a bass and amp and a few other bits to try out in my spare time. the lad who plays the base in our band wont let a man who plays his instrument by bashing it with sticks have a go on his warwick dolphin pro :crying: , dude doesnt know what he is missing out on.

    What about this bundle? So any views on this and where i should start am willing to pay up too about £300 ish. cheers and before long i may be a :bassist:
  2. that actually doesnt look that bad! i would suggest going out and trying a bunch of tanglewood's as I personally have picked up a buunch with some cosmetic flaws here n there.

    another option would be to keep you eye on the Westerfield basses that go on usually no more than £100, my friend has one and acoustically its got some decent punch (Pbass copy) and feels quite nice. neck is a little wide for my liking, tho.

    If you don't manage to pick up a "bundle" ;), you could have a look at the pPeavey Microbass amp, which I've seen in shops for £70 brand new (aim for £50, and then try for £60!!!)

    hope this helps! also ask your bassist to come along to any stors you decide to check out and see what he says... :cool:

    welcome to TB!
  3. how much is that in american or canadian funds?
  4. I've heard good things about Tanglewood acoustics. That bass looks pretty cool, I think it would be a good choice as long as the price doesn't increase past your budget.
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    Holy mutant Warwick, Batman!