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  1. seether has a great sound, and there bassist dale stewart contributes alot to the way seether sounds. he uses a 4 string, and im still not sure what brand or model he uses. if ne 1 knows that would help alot. thanx:bassist: :help:
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    im bored so im gonna reply to my own post. im just sitting around waiting for someone other than myself to look at my post. i just need alittle help since im trying to get my band mates into seether, so i figured it i know what bass "dale" there bassist uses, then that might help me have some ideas to use for my band.
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    Feb 24, 2003
    how about posting a link to some mp3's?
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    I remember seeing the band use Schecter in the video. Let me see if I can find out for sure. Give me a sec...

    Ah yes, here you go. From the Schecter website:

    Shaun Morgan uses & abuses Schecter 006 Elites.
    Dale Stewart brutalizes Schecter Devil Tribal and AB-1 Basses