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Sei Basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by sshorepunk, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. Hi

    Stopped off at the Bass Gallery in London today after seeing the RHCP's in Hyde park. Got some serious GAS after playing a few of Martin Petersons Sei Flamboyants. He had 3 that were close to finishing, all 6 strings and one was a single cut, I'm primarily a 4 string player but these basses felt great and looked stunning. The necks felt superb, ral sleek and fast and the finish of all 3 basses was stunning, a superb, quality bass, this guy knows his stuff.

    What all you guys on in London, you all move tool fast, the whole place needs to slow down!! :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper:

  2. hippiesandwich


    Aug 29, 2003
    San Jose
    Affiliated with Looperlative Audio Products
    this one has always made me nuts :eek:
  3. Nice, I like the Flamboyants, prefer the headed variety though, the single cut is nice but the Flamboyants shape gets me every time

  4. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    Sinny, Oztraya
    Ditto. That's the image I have on my PC desktop.
  5. I play a Sei 5-string single-cutaway Flamboyant... nice bass, great craftsmanship from Martin (There's pics on here if you do a search). But, his former partner, Chris McIntyre, is also making some great instruments now, mostly of the skinny-stringed variety, but some basses too. He'll probably be doing my next one. :D

    Russ :bassist:
  6. I reckon that you should go with another GB or a Shuker Russ...or maybe offer me a price for the ATK hehehe..j/k..

    Sei's are wonderful basses I really would love to add a Flammy Headed at sumpoint :)... :)...they are great but for me GB's have the edge on sound and playablilty...

    Sei's are great i find to start off with but I think they lose their wow factor after a while...woods can only excite me to0o much..but everytime i plug my GB in it just sings and makes me smile.. :)

    but Get a Sei and Get a Buckeye Burl..
  7. I can feel a change in my basses coming on, I was thinking of asking Bernie to make me another neck for my Spitfire, I want a "J" style neck i.e. 38mm at the nut, shallower profile, I know it ain't much smaller than his standard necks but for me it makes a difference! Then I gets thinking, if I'm going to have a neck made I may as well look at getting a Rumour made with the aforementioned nut width and a nice flamed maple top stained red, similar to my Spitfire, offset position markers and Red LED's along the side of the neck, sh=t! I've got serious GAS.
    Then there's always a Sei, with Buckeye burl of course but I think I'll be going along the GB route for now, will probably give Bernie a call sometime this week so there may be a 4 string Spitfire up for sale soon.

    Zen, hows the Shuker comin' on?

  8. I've got a Sei with buckeye burl... :D It sounds like no other Sei I've ever played, probably due to the custom pickups (effectively a MM + P arrangement) in combination with the U-Retro preamp and I do love it to bits. It growls in a very satisfying, almost Warwick-ish way and has a very "big" sound.

    My old GB was a great bass, but it was definitely lacking something... it was almost a little too hi-fi sounding for me and the mids didn't really cut enough, despite the outrageous +-21dB mid boost on the bass. Definitely more a bass for jazz than for rock. The midrange knob was handy for pushing my amp into overdrive if I wanted a distorted bass tone though... :) But if I had the cash, I'd have it back, since it was a very customised instrument made specifically for me. I can't fault Bernie on the effort he put into that bass.

    I'm still formulating the plans for my next bass... once I'm sure I know what I want, I'll post about it here... :D

    Russ :bassist:
  9. I am defo GB Spitfire Guy and I use my Gb in a Hardcore/Emo/Funk/Rock band is it belts... :)...

    Anyway I think u shud get a Shuker heheh...Jon is makin mine atm and its far too good for me..lolll here's a picture of the neck....


    Looks really good :)...

    Either that or get a Wal..I just GAS for one...

    But to be honest I see you with a Overwater...:)
  10. Never really got on with Overwaters, to be honest... :( Always found them to be too heavy, somewhat unadventurously styled and not very lively in the tonal department.

    I might give Jon Shuker a ring though, and see what he has to say about my ideas... it's definitely going to involve a custom body shape and some other unusual specs. The handy thing about dealing with Bernie back then was he was only 5 minutes down the road! :D

    Incidentally, I used my GB to record the band's album (which is out tomorrow), so if you want some recorded GB tone, you could always go and check that out... ;)

    Russ :bassist:
  11. Jon is willing to do anything and is very knowledgeable :)... If you do contact him tell tim Ben Howard sent you..or i say hi :)...hehe...

    Here's the Custom body shape me and Jon came up with..


    and my flamed maple core is gonna look something like this


    Oh and I have GB Recorded Tone on my Last Bands EP if anyone is interested :S...I wrote the music my GTR player the lyrics and melody

    and the Shuker is comin on Nicely Thank You...and ill have ur GB off you as well if ur selling it..as long as u do Direct Debit hehe...i can prolly afford it in September after ive worked my bum off at Asda...(yes poor student..crappy job)....i think use UK TB'er shud get together at sumpoint and jam that would be co0ol.. :p...
  12. Is that one of Jon Shukers basses showing the maple core?

  13. it is indeeed.........


    here's a fill shot