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Select Jazz Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Yogi Bear, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Yogi Bear

    Yogi Bear

    Aug 14, 2000
    Curious as to the experience of those who have, or had, a select jazz bass - the passive model from 2012.

    I've been looking at passive jazz basses and have been considering one of these or a G&L JB.
  2. Yogi Bear

    Yogi Bear

    Aug 14, 2000
    A little bump to see if there is anyone in the TB world still using one of these? Any comments on the bass... good, bad, or otherwise.

    I would like to hear any real world experience people have with these.

  3. BassBuzzRS


    Oct 18, 2005
    My friend has one. Out of some nice basses it is his favorite. Sounds very nice. The sound is like a quality jazz but with some added depth to it. An open deepness to the tones that I haven't heard in other fender jazz basses, could be wise to use with compression :) All imo.
  4. Salmiak


    Aug 14, 2018
    I got one. Agree with BassBuzzRS. Nice bass. A beauty for sure. My only Fender J, but compared to my Squier Standard J, which is really good too, there’s a certain quality weight to the sound.

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