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    Oct 23, 2015
    I will sale or trade my basses. Trades I would consider are: Devon gen5 modern J5 bass, Sadowsky NYC 5 maybe metroline, Fbass 5. Will add cash depending on what you have.

    First, a Roger SC5 bass. Padauk wood and we’ll appointed cosmetically. Nordstrand 2b pre and I was told Nordy pups but, Nordstrand never used that kind of sheathing according to Nordstrand. They think they are Aguilar. It’s well built like a Fodera. Ray Roger builds excellent basses. Fast bolt on neck closer to a P style than a Jazz. Hard shell case in very good condition. $2700 OBO/Trade

    Second, A Ken Smith Japanese Burner 5 string. like the Hadrian Feraud. Translucent red finish I added the Ken Smith 94/95 preamp when he was changing to BSR/BXR basses. Bought it from Ken Smith brand new. The matching wood knobs are shown separately. Plays like a dream with closer string spacing. Sounds great. $1900
    More info because I’ve had a lot of response on the Ken Smith. At the nut it is 43mm, scale is 34/35 hard to tell it may be in between, 17mm string spacing at the bridge. 2octave fretboard. Not sure on woods, sorry. The neck is thin and fast like all Ken Smiths. It’s had the board leveled and refretted by an outstanding luthier that studied with Roger Sadowsky.
    it is around 8 lbs on my bathroom scales so it may not be accurate 100% but I feel it’s light. Im adding a lot of pics. Hope this all helps. If I didn’t list what you need I may not know. I will try to get an answer for you. Thanks, Guys

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    PM sent.
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    Sorry thought I was in classifieds.
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    Thanks for the info on the Smith.

    Re. the scale, I would guess 34", but you can tell for sure by measuring from the nut to the center of the 12th fret and multiplying by 2. (Trying to measure to the bridge saddles isn't accurate because of the compensations made to set intonation.)