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Sell Stingray5 to buy Roscoe Beck5????

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by afroman, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. afroman

    afroman Supporting Member

    Aug 31, 2000
    Austin, TX
    I own a Stingray 5 which I've used for the past year on recording and live gigs. I also own a Lakland 55-01 w. upgraded US Bart pickups ans preamp. I'm liking the Lakland more and more and the Stingray less every day. I do like the Stingray sound but sometimes I miss a neck pickup and I don't like the Stingray's treble sound. I though I had a bad pickup or setup, and after getting it setup the highs got better but to me the Stingary sounds to "electric" to my ears (I know that sounds strange), and I'd like to be able to get a more mellow sound out of it. (I know that goes against what Stingrays are suppossed to sound like). But anyways,

    I'm really thinking about selling it here in Puerto Rico or on Ebay. Now for the real issue !! I've really stared to think of getting a 5-string jazz bass, but I really don't care much for the Fender Am. SeriesV. I was thinking of a Lakland Joe Osbourne5, until I started to look for more into the Roscoe Beck5. The features are very tempting and the price seems good. I like that it has the possibility from what I've read of getting close to P-bass, J-bass an even Stingray sounds. I know I'm getting very tempted to get one but,
    Would you sell a Stingray5 to get the RB5????
    The other option would be to invest on some new pickups and preamp for the Stingray, but I don't know if it's worth it.

    Any opinions are welcome....
  2. johans

    johans G.U.I - Groovin' under influence

    Oct 28, 2004
    the Bay Area, CA
    i wont ..
    i tried both ..

    but well they are different, roscoebeck i have to admit is one of the best passive bass, the tonal variety is powerful, really nice, but i think sr5 and rb5 arent the same :)

    own both! :)
    but dont sell one for another

    hope it helps
  3. JayAmel

    JayAmel Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2002
    Carcassonne, France
    I did that too many times, and regretted too many times too, especially for the resale of my SR5.

  4. +2 !!!

    I would also try to own both, but if money does not permit I would then sell the Stingray for something else.

    Personally, I would not invest hundreds of dollars in a different pickup/preamp for the 'Ray.

    If you don't like the sound of a particular bass, get something else.

    Good Luck.

    Mike ;)
  5. I owned the RB5 and was constantly trying to get it to do a P-bass tone.

    It will not.

    The RB5 nails the vintage J tone perfectly. The 1 7/8" nut width is very wide feeling, especially so when coming from a Stingray5 which is narrower, and also more narrow string spacing at the bridge.

    I traded the RB5 for a Stingray5. The guy who received the RB5 did not like it, and promptly sold it. I sold the SR5 because I really dislike maple fingerboards. However, the SR5 was a great player for me. It won't do a P-bass tone, either.

    If you want a P, buy a P. That is what I did.
  6. David Wilson

    David Wilson Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
    Me too, if I knew *for sure* that the other one was the sound I wanted. But they're such different basses that I wouldn't do it unheard if I were you. I think the RB5 is a great bass, and is closer to the sound I want than the SR5 - you might think the opposite way from me.
  7. StingRay5guy

    StingRay5guy Guest

    Oct 14, 2004
    I've tried both and the RB5 didn't impress me. I think my Sting Ray 5 is much more versatile and it gives me the tone I love but hey, that's just me. I know everybody has there own sound and that's something we should all respect. So if you don't like what you're getting out of your Sting Ray 5, then sell it. Do what you need to get the sound you like. :)
  8. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Gold Supporting Member

    Does string spacing matter to you? It does to me. That's why I own the RB5 (has "wide 5" spacing) and not the SR5.

    As noted by others, the tones are very different. I *would* own both basses if not for the narrow spacing on the SR5.

    As for the P-bass vibe: I agree that the RB5 does not nail the P-bass tone exactly, but when soloing the neck pickup in series mode it sounds reasonably close to my ears.
  9. RB5>SR5

    More tones, better playing bass.
  10. i played an RB4 on saturday. it was *ok*. i will parrot the other guys who said you should play an RB5 first before buying. also, if you want P, buy P. there is no other way.

  11. main_sale


    Apr 26, 2004
    Cape Cod
    I own both and I'm keeping both. They are outstanding basses. The RB5 is the best sounding passive bass I've heard so far. The MM has its own unique tone that it is famous for. If you want P-bass tone, get a P-bass and be done with it.
  12. lo-freq

    lo-freq aka UFO

    Jan 19, 2003
    DFW, Texas
    If you heard my SR5 through my rig (Dem 201S + PLX1602 + Schroeder 410) you'd have a very hard time deciding (me too).

    I want both!
  13. afroman

    afroman Supporting Member

    Aug 31, 2000
    Austin, TX
    Your'e right guys!
    It' s hard to decide if I can't play the RB5 before buying. I'm probably gonna sell the Stingray5 anyway. I know it's a great instrument but right know I'm not liking the sound. The spacing is comfortable and the B strings is great but even though I like the punchy sound, I'd like to be able to get a more rounded, warm mellow sound also. I reherased today with my Lakland 55-01 and I loved how it sounded. I'll probably sell the Stingray and see what i decide later.

    Oh and I don't wan't a P-bass sound, I just said that I've read that the RB5 come close. If the RB5 can give me a powerful versatile sound plus sound like a J-bass, I'd want one. I personally prefer the J-sound than the P-bass sound.
    How would you describe the RB5's sound????

    Thanks... and keep helping!!!! ;)
  14. hands5


    Jan 15, 2003
    good 'ol USA/Tampa fla.
    Sell the SR5,no big lost.
  15. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Gold Supporting Member

    The RB5 has a very nice array of sounds, some of which are round, warm, mellow. As noted, it can nail J-bass sounds.

    The output of the RB5 is rather low, especially compared to active basses such as the SR5. However that doesn't mean it doesn't *sound* powerful, it just means you might need to set your input gain higher or use Passive input instead of Active (depending on your amp/preamp).

    Let me put it another way: I bring two basses to every gig, and one is always an RB5. I play the RB5 as much as any other bass I've had, including fancy-schmancy ones. :)
  16. Away with the Ray.

    Is what I would Say.

    Your Days of shrill highs

    will go Away.

    But check out 2500s from G & L


    and not just the RB5s

    Compare with the Ozzy

    and you'll do well.
  17. :D


    No, please let the 'Ray stay,
    for a month and a day,
    or, if you've the patience,
    'till early next May.

    Then, at that time,
    refer back to this rhyme,
    and then you can weigh,
    should the 'Ray go away. :bag:

    Mike :D
  18. lo-freq

    lo-freq aka UFO

    Jan 19, 2003
    DFW, Texas
    Live with a band, it's hard to beat the cut-through tone of the SR5 (I run mine single/phantom-coil w/treble cut 50%, mids flat (or some Preamp boost), & bass bumped just a little); with my Dem 201S w/bright switch on and presence switch at 6k, it cuts through like a light-saber.
  19. liran


    Dec 18, 2000
    San Antonio, Texas
    The RB5 has an excellent sound that fits in a vast array of different musical situations. If you are looking for a bass that will work well and sound good in a variety of situations I would go with it, the tonal variety is great. The only thing that might take a little to get used to is the wide spacing, but it is not bad at all and you will get used to it rather quickly. If you have any questions just pm me. Cheers~
  20. I think somebody should recommend the L 2500 because they are also in the same category as the RB5, but have obvious Ray qualities iin both function and form. More importantly, they are a forum sponsor for TB and you should check them out.

    I really do not think the Ray, even the Sterlings, are no where near as versatile as the RB5 or L2500.

    The Rays have a purpose: to be heard and drive and slap and cut through and so forth. They look very cool too. But versatiltiy? c'mon.

    Yeah, you can give me a Ray and I will run through the myriad of tweaks to exploit different sounds(as any bass).

    But the other two will actually keep you busy finding different sounds, and that is w/o touching your amp. I can make either bass sound substantially like a Ray but not vice versa.

    If you are going to have one axe, get the swiss army knife of basses- you'll find your sound somewhere.