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Selling a Epi Les Paul Special to get a SBMM SB14

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Cornelius Dawse, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Greetings! Last summer, I acquired a Epiphone Les Paul Special bass for about 500$. I really liked it, and it had give me an awesome tone, exactly what I was looking for at the time! But with the experience I had, I'm starting to realize it might not be what I want now. I find it not versatile enough. Initially, I wanted to get a Jazz Bass instead, but I saw a Sterling by Music Man SB14 for 400$. I haven't tried it yet, but it's a pure beauty, and I usually don't like the MM look. I think I could be able to sell my Epiphone for about 300$. Would it be a good swap? Should I get a Jazz instead (a mexican or a Squier, I dunno)? I'd like to hear your opinions! Thanks in advance!
  2. I think the SBMM would be much better than the Epi. I'd do it
  3. Bump. I would like to hear your opinion, people!
  4. The SBMM will give you more versatility in overall sounds than the Jazz but all in all it depends what sound you're looking for. You can go from very smooth and polite sounding to full on aggression with the SBMM - and you will get that signature MM slap sound. The Jazz will give you a range of standard Fender bass sounds, plus the slap sound will be more in the direction of Marcus Miller than Louis Johnson.
  5. I see! Well, my interest is definitely growing! I'm just scared I might have trouble selling my Epi... Do these get sold easily? Or it's one of those things that are perpetuately relative?
  6. bumperbass


    Jun 19, 2012
    Let me tell ya, I bought an Epi Les Paul Special about 2 years ago. I started playing again and wanted to get something inexpensive just in case I couldn't play anymore. I have been gigging every weekend since then and use the LP as my practice bass, because we tune down a half step live so I use the Epi set for regular tuning and learn all the new songs on it at my house. I think it's a BEAUTIFUL bass. SOoooooo....I tried to sell it on craigslist TWICE for $225 in the last 6 months (with hard shell case) and I didn't get one bite. Not ONE! Right now I'm putting new strings on it and I'm gonna start gigging with it and I'm gonna use it and not worry about dinging it up because apparently I can't sell this bass and I'll be darned if I'm gonna give it away. I checked Musician's Friend and the reviews on this bass are absolutely through the roof, but nobody talks about them here on TB. I've been a Fender guy and play a Precision, but it's time to gig with this thing and see if I can get a good tone (with some EQ'ing if needed). So apparently, nobody wants this bass. My guess is because it says "Epiphone" on the headstock and hence it's not 'cool enough' to be seen playing it.