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  1. Ok guys I'm changing around my rig set up a bit. Ive had my 6x10 SWR Goliath Senior cab for a while now. I want to sell it and get a 4x10. Its a 1,000 watt cab, and well basicly its to big to haul around. So its in awesome condition, but im not to sure how much I should sell it for. I bought it for a little over a grand. The guys at GC said it would be better to sell itthen trade it in, id get more money for it. Also i want to get diffrent amp. IM usaing a Warwick Pro Tube 4. Its nice, but i need a litle more control over the treble, mid, and bass then switches. Theres a graphic EQ on it, but thats for channel 2 and c2 is the solid state channel, were c1 is is tube. So basicly im gonna sell both at the same time. So i should say how much should i sell both items together for? Oh the equipment im looking to replace it with is ampeg. I like that 4x10 cab, and i want a real tube amp, not part tube part solid state.
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    Mar 18, 2000
    Have you considered posting an ad in the TalkBass classifieds? Someone here might be looking for the gear you're selling.

    It would be good to post a price for each individual cab and a price for the two together. (lower than the sum of the cost of the individual cabs, of course)

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