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Selmer Aristocrat double bass

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by Paul Warner, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. :help:I have been offered a laminated double bass which I believe is 10 years old. It is labelled " Aristocrat by Selmer. Handmade copy of Antonius Stradivarius. Model No. AR 233. Serial No. AO 126." Can anyone tell me anything about it?
    I don`t know whether it is the USA Selmer Co. or Selmer Paris, or how good an instrument it might be. I know that Selmer USA had basses made by Kay/ Engelhardt at one time, (and I`d be quite pleased to have one as they are a rarity in the UK) but thought that these were clearly marked as such. This one gives no idea regarding country of origin, but it does look like a Czech instrument to me.
    I`d be pleased to know more before I offer the seller a price (or forget it, of course!):)
  2. joel kelsey

    joel kelsey

    Aug 1, 2006
    Chicago, IL
    So this family trying to get into show business walks into a talent agent's office......... Oh wait. Wrong thread...

    Sorry. I have no helpful information. If you like the bass, I say get it. Who cares what it is?
  3. Yer an animal, Joel...I love that joke. I was banned from the homes and lives of many very close friends for telling it, about forty years ago....but maybe now.......:eek:

    Paul....sorry about that. It happens every so often around here.
    Do a TB search under Selmer. Should be plenty stuff in there.

    Back OT....Joel....I DARE you to tell it on the humor forum...I DARE you. Be real creative to try and use words that might clean it up so as not to offend readers...you know, words like defecation instead of ****. Urinates instead of ******. Makes love instead instead of *****. I DOUBLE DARE YOU.
    In the end, so to speak, it will still be beyond offensive....the mere idea.......
  4. Menacewarf


    Mar 9, 2007

    Impossible, but a valiant effort Unk :D
  5. Thanks man......****. I left the kids out of it. My bad.:ninja:

    We're doing pretty damn good here, actually. The joke is almost told.
  6. Menacewarf


    Mar 9, 2007
    And in honor of who runs this bar we will have to include the family cat...:hyper::hyper::hyper::hyper::hyper:
  7. Again Paul, I'm so sorry about what Joel has done with your thread. The guy has absolutely no class.
    He shows up, dumps this **** on you, and then.....gone. Leaving me and my friend, the Menace, here to try and keep you entertained until he returns to apologize to you....
    Why, I never......:atoz:
    We DO have to leave you now.......I sense the presence of a certain MODERATOR.......:ninja: AND as the Menace intimates....some ugly kitties.
  8. So....if I can get past the friggin cat, I suppose the instrument is probably a Glaesel? They are practically unknown over here. Can anyone give me a feline free opinion on the probable quality and possible value of this bass so I can make the man an offer. (How the hell did a cat get in here?):meh:
  9. joel kelsey

    joel kelsey

    Aug 1, 2006
    Chicago, IL
    I had a Selmer Kay plywood bass. It was a great plywood bass. Sorry I have no real help for you, and sorry for my previous derail.

    Mr. Warburton,

    If I could tell that joke, I think I would be a comedian not a bass player:). However I may try, for you. It would be the least I could do for you, for all the valuable info you share with us.
  10. Joel, please stop with that MR. Warburton stuff.
    I can dig the respectful intention and I appreciate it. Thanks.
    Again, that's the fifth complement that I've gotten here in as many days. I'm VERY suspicious of many of my old friends here, who may be setting me up for some real UGLY ****.
  11. Appreciated fellas, and Joel, sometime you can tell me that joke. By the way, if it was a Kay I`d have snapped it up, but I know nothing about Glaesels.
  12. jstiel

    jstiel Jim Stiel

    Jun 5, 2004
    Lake Orion, MI
    I don't know what it is but it isn't a Stradivarius copy.
  13. Menacewarf


    Mar 9, 2007
    Words out of my mouth yet I'm drawn like a moth to the flame.

    Told ya it was impossible


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