Sennheiser 1000 vs. Shure ULXS14 wireless dilemma. HELP!!

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  1. Washishimi

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    Feb 26, 2005
    New York
    OK, so I ended up acquiring a used Sennheiser digital 1000 wireless unit last week, and it is amazing. My wife was upset when I got it.....not because I spent the money, but because she bought me a Shure ULXS14 for x-mas! So she gave it to me early so I could play around with both of them. I cannot find faults in either unit. They both sound great, get good battery life, and are constructed wonderfully. My issue now is which one do I keep? Although there was almost a $300 difference between the two, that is really not a factor for me. I just want to keep the better unit. And my wife honestly does not care if the Shure stays or goes. So I would appreciate any cons you guys and gals could offer on either unit to steer me to a winner. I've read the various threads, and the major con I have found is the lack of battery life people have reported with the Sennheiser, but I have not found this since I was able to achieve 4-5 hours on a single 9volt. HELP!
  2. Washishimi

    Washishimi Supporting Member

    Feb 26, 2005
    New York
  3. Justice


    May 24, 2002
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    I loved my 2 Sennheiser D1000's (both recently stolen). I have not tried the Shures but have heard good things about them. The Digital 1000 is a great unit, the only drawback it has IMO is that it only has 4 selectable frequencies.
  4. The d1000. It is basically an Xwire lite. Xwire sold their stuff to Sennheiser and they made some changes (9v vs 4 AA batteries, 4 instead of 5 selectables channels, I think 2 instead of 4 antennas). But its still digital quality vs analog. I believe still no companders (signal compression/expansion) in the d1000. No comparison from a sound quality perspective.

    You've seen all the posts about how Xwires are the holy grail of wireless units? D1000 is the offspring of the Xwire.

    Incidentally, the the #2 xwire channel is the one that's missing, so you can mix xwire channel 2 with any d1000 channel. Xwire channels 3-4-5 correspond to d1000 channels 2-3-4.

  5. Does that mean you can use a d1000 transmitter with an X-Wire receiver?

  6. Be great if you could but do not think so. Different resolutions for starters (XWire = 20bit - Digital 1000 = 16bit).

    I consider what Randy is saying is you can use both systems on the *same* stage for different sound sources providing you don't use the *same* channels.

  7. Keeaumoku


    Dec 29, 2004
    I am going to ask a stupid question here... Why don't you keep both units?

    ...always nice to have an extra!

    I have the lower-grade Shure PGX-14. Yeah, it will eat up batteries... two double A's..., but if I pay attention during gigs and turn off the transmitter when not playing, I seem to have been getting 8 to 10 hours of use. I must admit I haven't explored the rechargable battery option, because my day job is a wholesale distribution business... and Eveready batteries happen to be one of the lines I distribute out here in Paradise... I get a pretty good deal on 9-V and double-A's... if you know what I mean :smug: