Seperate Extended Range Sub Forum?

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by Lokire, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. I looked back about a years worth of these suggestion threads and didn't see this one.

    What are people's thoughts on a seperate sub-forum for the discussion of Extended Range basses (Say 7-strings on up - as well as Subcontra [F# and below] tunings)? Maybe piccolo basses could be included as well.

    I dunno. Myself, though I'm not an ERB player, I love to read the threads and follow the discussions on Extended Range basses and bassists, but I think that it would be nice to have them in a seperate place. Easier to find them all in one place and it would provide a somewhat of a 'refuge' from the anti-ERB crowd :p. Plus you could have an FAQ pinned to the top to answer all the questions that n00bs to the ERB world always ask.


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    Count me in.

    I think it's a kool idea,but I'm sure some would not agree that a Piccolo or Subcontra Bass(C# F# B E) is an extended range bass.logic tells us that they indeed are ERB's
  3. I saw you coming from a mile away ;)
  4. As soon as I get :eek: THIS(third time posting this pic today- what a dork I am):
  5. I'll say it again - that is the coolest fretboard :cool:
  6. Ain't no frets on that thing, :confused: & there ain't gonna be :eek: . But if you say it's cool, it's cool. :cool:
  7. Oh...I didn't even realize it was gonna be a fretless. I guess I saw the lines there and just assumed :p

    That makes it even more cool then :smug:

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    But there are fret lines:)
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    IIRC this has been suggested before. And the outcome.... well, there isn't an ERB sub-forum here now, is there.

    In fact, here's the discussion I remember:
  10. Ah, thanks. I knew it had to have been discussed before. I just didn't go back quite far enough...

    A year later though - ERBs are more popular now than they used to be I think, maybe people's thoughts have changed? :)
  11. Can I vote twice? ;)
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    Well, it's been about a year so this suggestion is about due for another round :)

    Some of the reasons why an ERB forum was not opened include:

    -it would probably result in a dividing effect, ERB vs non-ERB, if one group hangs around in one forum and not the other.

    -"Basses" is our most popular forum. Having ERB threads intertwined in this forum gives them much exposure and introduces many to the fact that ERB's exist. A separate ERB forum would get much, much less traffic and exposure.

    John Turner and I tossed around the idea of a panel-discussion forum for ERB's, with several of our hot ERB players sitting on a guest panel ready to respond to queries about the instrument and it's unique challenges. But this never got off the ground...