SOLD Serek Midwestern 2 - 32" scale

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    May 26, 2006
    San Luis Obispo, CA
    United States
    $1825 shipped OBO

    Trades for other 32" scale basses only, $ either way.

    Wonderful punchy sound, fast neck, and lightweight too.
    Perfect mix of vintage and modern.
    I just cleaned up the fingerboard and installed new strings so it's good to go!

    Some light play wear, but nothing major. Worst is the thumb wear adjacent the pickup.

    32" medium scale
    8 lbs
    1 5/8" nut width
    Guild pickup
    Passive, Vol/tone setup
    Mahogany body and neck
    Monterillo fretboard
    Dunlop Strap Locks
    Serek Strap
    Serek Gig Bag
    3 pickguards & headstock logos
    Serek Certificate of Authenticity
    Serek sticker
    New Fat Beams installed w/ flatwounds included.

    PXL_20210716_153410523.jpg PXL_20210716_153417077.jpg PXL_20210716_153425201.jpg PXL_20210716_153428333.MP.jpg PXL_20210716_153434778.jpg PXL_20210716_153440176.MP.jpg PXL_20210716_153448226.jpg PXL_20210716_153506679.jpg PXL_20210716_153509860.jpg PXL_20210716_153519918.jpg PXL_20210716_153529020.jpg PXL_20210716_153535006.MP.jpg PXL_20210716_153539069.jpg PXL_20210716_153614961.jpg PXL_20210716_153715077.jpg PXL_20210716_153725112.jpg PXL_20210716_153800571.jpg PXL_20210716_153815759.jpg PXL_20210716_153854127.jpg PXL_20210716_153906966.jpg
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