SOLD Serek Midwestern 2 Medium Scale (32”) with 3 sets of pickguard

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    Picked this up recently and it’s great, but I’m going to stick with my current basses, so this one is for sale.

    This is a 2019 Serek Midwestern 2 with a 32” scale. The bass has a mahogany body, monterillo fretboard, 3 sets of pickguards, Serek gigbag and Serek strap. It has the Guild bisonic pickup. It weighs 8 pounds exactly on a digital luggage scale.

    It has a small worn spot where the original owner would rest his thumb when playing. It’s not. Ding or scratch and could likely be touched up with paint or a sharpie, but it doesn’t bother me.

    Asking $1825 shipped CONUS. No trades please. Thanks for looking.


    AD3620F2-3871-4553-AE7F-05F686C7129C.jpeg 542D5BE4-11D8-4163-92D5-62BD5F657A6D.jpeg 336EDF4A-BDC4-41C6-BCFA-2B5812E21B02.jpeg 94CEE8DC-A497-4E58-B46C-552D0AD2DE87.jpeg 39EB9B74-FC04-4F11-87AF-322C3D0AAC2D.jpeg

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