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Series/Parallel Cabinet Wiring Question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by onosson, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. I have an Eden D410T cabinet, which is a 4ohm cab wired in series/parallel - or so I assume(d). I had to replace one of the drivers, and upon opening it up and checking out the wiring, it is a little different than the series/parallel diagrams I have found described in other places.

    Most of the diagrams I've found are like the first attached image (taken from this page http://www.rocketroberts.com/techart/spk_wire.htm). However, this cabinet is wired like the second image, with both the positive AND negative leads connected in parallel between each pair of speakers, and with only a single positive-to-negative connection.

    I have no idea if there is a difference between these two wirings. I suspect not, but then again I'm no electrician! So I'd be curious if anyone who knows more could comment...

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  2. Jaco who?

    Jaco who?

    May 20, 2008
    Series adds impedance, parallel divides. If you assign a value to each speaker it's easier to visualize.

    The first diagram would be 4+4 divided by 4+4, which = 4. series parallel

    The second diagram would be 4 divided by 2, + 4 divided by 2, which = 4 same result, but parallel series.
  3. maurilio

    maurilio Musician - Owner Mo's Shop & MBD - Tech Nordstrand

    May 25, 2003
    Redlands, CA
    the second one is the the same series/series/parallel.
    But with the second wiring if a driver blows the other three still working, which instead in the first one only the other two driver will still be working

  4. Thanks for the information!

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