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Series/Parallel - the definitive jazz mod

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by pc, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. pc


    Apr 4, 2000
    Montreal QC
    I love this mod. All my jazz-like basses have/had this mod. But every time I get a bass I have to spend hours finding the schematics on the net (yeah, I know... memorize it, save it... :spit: )

    So here it is. Now I will never forget where the schem is again! It's only do a search on definitive mod! :rolleyes: ... :D



    ps. Im working on a series/parallel + blend schem. That's the definitive jazz mod!
  2. pc, thats very admirable of you!

  3. BassGreaser


    Aug 22, 2002
    Austin, TX
    here's my dumb question for the day...How does this mod change the sound of the bass?
  4. Dave Siff

    Dave Siff Supporting Member

    Basically, in "series" mode, the two J pickups are wired together so it sounds like a big humbucker -- bigger and louder. I had a Reverend Rumblefish XL for a while, and it had a series/parallel switch. I definitely preferred the series setting to either parallel or single coil.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. jongor

    jongor Supporting Member

    Jan 11, 2003
    I just made this mod to a p/j parts bass with Fender Am. pickups....kicks arse.

    Gives it a huge p tone with more high end, a little more focus.

    I made this mod with master volume, master tone with no-load pots. Love the tone with the volume all the way up, but the tone in "no-load" mode is a bit clanky.
  7. pc


    Apr 4, 2000
    Montreal QC
    bump (as requested)

    oh, yes... and I've just did it on my J added BG-80. Talk about low end!!! :D
  8. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004
    PC, no jumpers or grounds on that switch?
  9. Giraffe

    Giraffe Supporting Member

    Nov 6, 2003
    San Diego, California
    Maybe you are searching for "braided", which refers to the shield/ground wire on the Duncans.
  10. pc


    Apr 4, 2000
    Montreal QC
    Thanks Smash!
  11. pc


    Apr 4, 2000
    Montreal QC

    Can be found here