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Serious Question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by DriveThruEmoKid, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. Alright this was what i'm asking. I was upgrading my amp to a 400 Watt Avatar Cab at 4 Ohms with a 350W Hartke 3500 Head with the same Ohmage. This looked like a pretty nice setup, but it totaled roughly 800+. That's a lot of money considering i am not even in a band. I consider myself a good bassist(by the local standards in my neighborhood) and need a better amp. But keep in mind i am only 15, and 800 is a big investment. But my friends gave me an idea, i am thinking about buying a cheapy guitar package (the ones that comes with all the necessities) for roughly 150$ and downgrading my Bass amp. I would rather expand my horizons as a musician then just buy a Beast amp. But what size amp should i go for? Im looking for something i can gig with and be heard with, while at the same time not exceeding my original price range of approximaty 800 Dollars. Any suggestions? Oh, and sorry for such a long post.:bag:
  2. Oh i almost forgot, would it be recommended for me to get a guitar? As of now i am a good bassist because i practice daily, but practicing guitar would take some time away from my bass playing.
    And since i play bass with my fingers and guitar requires a pick, do you think playing guitar would sloppen(is this a word?) by bass playing technique?:confused: :confused:
  3. TxBass


    Jul 3, 2002
    Frisco, Texas
    I play the guitar, but mostly just to do special stuff(outside of my band) or to write music. It doesn't have an impact on playing the bass (IMO). Sounds like you're kinda unsure about which route to take--that's only something you can decide really. Afterall, we're just "cyberspace" friends who are bass-oriented for the most part.

    what sized rig? Well....I've had a Fender Bassman 100 that really can support most small gigs(with P/A support) and does just fine for practices with a loud drummer and 2 guitars. If it's something you're really not sure about, I would buy something in the medium range and quality so you'll get some life out of it rather than looking at it a few years from now and thinking you wasted $$. One more point...you can play a guitar through a bass rig, but the other way around usually doesn't work too well.

    good luck with your musical quests...I started at 15 in a band in highschool--glad there aren't any recordings that survived!:D
  4. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
    QLD Australia
    Guitar Sucks! Stick to the real instrument!

    You do realise that guitar amps and bass amps are completely different inside. You shouldn't really use one for the other.
  5. BruceWane


    Oct 31, 2002
    Houston, TX
    It seems like you want to play whichever is cheaper.........you really ought to go with whichever feels right to you.

    It may seem like guitar equipment is cheaper than bass equipment, but you'll find that the really nice sounding guitar amps cost quite a bit, too.

    While you can get some very good solid-state bass amps at reasonable prices, you'll find that in the guitar world, it's pretty much accepted that a good amp must be all-tube (which means pretty expensive and heavy). A good (not great) 50 watt all-tube guitar combo will eaily cost $700 or more.

    And if you do both, don't worry, playing guitar will in no way "damage" your ability to play bass.
  6. If i get a guitar it isn't like i am going to be switching to it permanetly. I am going to still be a full time bassist, but as Tx said i'd probably use it to create music when im alone. And if anything good happens it happens. The Current rig i have now is a cheesy 30 W combo, as this is the first upgrade i am getting. There is no way in hell i could gig with that, so i need an upgrade. I rig i was going to get was a 400W with a 350 W head, but now i'm thinking of maybe a 200W cab with a 225 or 250W head. Maybe even something smaller. I don't know which size to go. Oh , and to you thinking im not sure on which route to take, I am going to stay bassist, and will always be a bassist. :D :D :bassist:
  7. TxBass


    Jul 3, 2002
    Frisco, Texas
    I don't want to get in a dispute over what can/can't be done, but I've played both my acoustic and electrics through my combo and bigger rig with no problems at all. Yes...it's a bit more bassy but that has never been something that bothers me, infact it's kinda nice. I've also seen pros play rhythm guitar through Bassman 400 rigs live, because it's a certain sound they wanted.
    It is my understanding that the risk comes when trying to put the adverse effects of a bass tone/sound through a guitar cab speaker rated at a much lower wattage/handling capabilty.

  8. As for the cheaper equipment thing, i just don't want overkill. Most guitarists my age don't even have a 400 W amp, so i don't really think it is necessary for me to have one. If i DID get that amp, however, i wouldn't be able to afford the guitar, which is why i think i could kill 2 birds with one stone here. I am only looking for a cheapy guitar because i don't plan on being a full time guitarist, i just want one to A. Know how to play it, B. Be able to make music alone, C. Keep my options open
  9. Saetia


    Mar 27, 2003
    Alright I know someone who is selling a 350 watt hartke head in a 2x10 hartke enclosure for $350 never turned it up past 2, and is plenty loud and in very nice condition, as for a guitar, if you just want something to start and learn on and you say cheapy, i know musicians friend has the squire silver bullet for $99 plus shipping, so if you go a route like that you get by spening only 450 and getting a really nice amp and a learnable guitar which you can play through the bass amp and sounds nice actually.

    If you are intrested in that amp PM me and i can get you the contact info from the owner of the hartke amp and cab, its not a combo but the cab just has a rack space built in, anywho yeah think about it:)
  10. squire_pwr


    Apr 15, 2003
    San Diego, CA.
    Hey, I totally see where you're coming from... and the rig you've outlined is something I'm looking into too... :D But yeah, it's like "Bassist for life, but guitar on the side, just for fun and just in case ur buddy plays bass better than you and there's no guitarist"... ;)

    One option you could take is to go for a Gallien Krueger Backline 250, which would give you a good 125W @8 ohms and go for an Avatar 2x10 while you're at it. So far, total would be 299.99 (GK@MF, free shipping) + 264 (2x10 shipped) = 563.99 plus tax. Or a 4x10 option, leaving you at around ~$681 for your bass rig. Either way would leave you around 100-200 dollars to get a cheapo acoustic or electric guitar and if you're lucky, some sort of distortion petal (what's a guitar w/out distortion useful for? ;))...my friend got a DOD grunge for around 40 bucks at guitar center. For the cheap elec. guitar, another friend had a Hamer Slammer, a strat copy that actually had a really nice neck and wasn't THAT horrid....

    hmm, what's w/me and cheap gear following me around? :p Good luck!
  11. The bass rig you spoke of is really for live work in a band. You don't need that much to play at home or even to rehearse with other musicians. I also understand you need for a guitar. Along with my basses I have an Alverez acc. and an old Tele. Best thing to do is set your priorities. What do you need first and the most and then go from there. good luck...
  12. This is what i was thinking of doing. I was thinking of getting the avatar 2x10, along with the hartke 1400 Head, which totals around 490 Dollars. Then i was looking at an ibanez starter package that contains the guitar, 10 w amp, and all other necessities. Im going to check Ebay to see if i can get something that is better quality used for about the same price. I guess you could say i don't really need my bass amp until i get a band together, but it wouldn't hurt to have a guitar now. :D
  13. ndjx


    Oct 26, 2001
    Hey! Nice to see another Saetia fan on the TB boards! :bassist:
  14. Saetia


    Mar 27, 2003
    Yes they were amazing, i miss them :bawl:
    Hotcross is amazing too though still no Saetia,
    but yeah thanks for noticing, most people will never know who or what Saetia was.
  15. hey man, Im in practically the same situation as you. I'm 15, I just bought a used hartke 3500 head a month ago for $300. If you haven't bought any of the gear yet, look on ebay for the hartke 3500 or look at some classified ads. You can find some 3500's in excellent conditions for $250 I'm sure.
    I need to buy a bass cab myself, I have no money for it.

    About the guitar: I feel like I made a mistake when I decided to start up guitar. I was in a situation where someone wanted to find me a 'real bass teacher' and I didnt want to leave the teacher I was already taking with, so I bought a guitar in desperation because I couldn't justify having 2 bass teachers. At the time I was saving up for a 6 string bass (recently bought a 5 stirng about half a year ago). Im simply saying that if you go starting guitar it will help a little bit, but your going to be coming out with bad feelings of, "damn, i wish I bought that bass rig instead of this ****ty guitar I barely touch." That's how it is, I find myself bringing my bass into my guitar lessons just to 'jam'.:rolleyes: hey, it's fun, but I don't want to leave that guy because he's got a lot of experience (he's a guitarist).

    Get the bass rig, you'll be happier. With a good rig, you'll be happy that you can actually be heard in a band situation. Guitarists are dime a dozen, noone is looking for guitar players, while people are often looking for bassists.

    If you dont own the 3500 yet, I'd reccomend looking at some used ones... I got mine for pretty cheap considering it only got used as a backup unit for 30 hours or so and was 2.5 years old. But seriously, if money is tight, you may even want to consider a combo amp. Peavey makes some pretty durable and loud stuff for cheap.

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