SOLD Set of Nordstrand NJ5n Custom Jazz pickups

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    For sale is a set of Nordstrand NJ5n custom pickups. These are in great condition (they look brand spanking new) with lots of wire as they have never been cut.

    These pickups are a custom size and were fitted in my Modulus Genesis 5 string. They sound absolutely great as Nordies do.

    These accommodate 19mm string spacing and are a narrower size as per Modulus specs. They would be great to drop in a Modulus 5 or other J style 5 string bass that calls for a narrower J pickup.

    These would also be really great for a custom build project. Having the narrower length makes for comfortable playing as you don’t have to reach as far for the upper strings when your thumb is anchored to the pickup.

    Neck pickup measures 3 3/8” and the bridge pickup measures 3 3/4

    Asking $125 or best offer shipped conus.

    Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

    157AACCD-9B24-4702-8262-4B918FAA1742.jpeg 15F70E71-2DB7-45AA-8D90-12558AEE811C.jpeg 2A1860C6-200F-486F-891A-4A4F10585FB6.jpeg
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