Setlist suggestions?

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  1. We're guys in our late 20s/early 30s, and looking to play a good mix of 60s - today's music. Light - Hard Rock, no metal or anything super heavy. We recently got back together after a hiatus of about 4 years, and have some gigs for next year lined up. Want to do this right.

    Any suggestions? Trying to avoid some of the more cliched bar band covers.
  2. skwee


    Apr 2, 2010
    Some we've had success with, and some others that are sure to get people up dancing:

    Brown Eyed Girl, Listen to the Music, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Rock the Casbah, Train in Vain, Summer in the City, Donde Estas Yolanda, Can't Take My Eyes Off You, Got to Get You Into My Life, Good Lovin', You Dropped a Bomb on Me, Life in a Northern Town, What Goes Around Comes Around
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    Life in a Northern Town gets people up and dancing? Really? I wouldn't have thought of that one.

    To the OP... that's REALLY broad parameters. 60s to present, and not the usual bar-band stuff... You could play darn near anything.
  4. Yeah I know it's a wide range of songs. Just wondering what people have had luck with besides the usual sweet home Alabama and mustang Sally covers.
  5. Been doing the bar band thing quite a while now. To some degree , the song choices are regional. I.E. if I'm playing in Baltimore , they are going to want a bit more modern and harder edged stuff.Since I am usually playing in western Md. I find they are looking for a bit lighter stuff with some southern and harder country thrown in. Anything that the crowd can sing along with goes a long way too. (Keep your hands to yourself ,Roadhouse blues ,Smokin in the boys room and (gasp) Mustang sally always seem to go over well.) Rocky mountain way is usually a hit and Rockin in the free world , even if it doesn't get them up dancing will always have most of the crowd singing along with it.Don't discount the cliched bar covers. They might be boring to play but they work for the crowds that want to hear and dance to something they are familiar with. Something else to keep in mind. If by some chance you come up with a killer set that will keep them on the dance floor all night , remember to throw a clunker in there every once in a while so they will sit down and buy a few drinks. The bar owners are in business to sell drinks and will appreciate this.
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    how about radar love by golden earing? Great song! We cover that, but a bunch other random crap too :S
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    check the Billboard Hot 100 for the years you are interested in.