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setting the preamp

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by matito, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. i'm guitarist who has just taken up bass.

    i've been playing around on the settings on my bass amp and can't quite dial in settings i like.

    can people make suggestions on what to set my bass, treble, mid high and mid low dials?

    hopefully with some suggestions i can work off them to find a sound i want.

  2. What equipment are you using - bass guitar, amp, pedals etc.
  3. fender mexican jazz bass
    amp - behringer BX1200
    not using any pedals.
  4. what type of music are you playing?

    A general rule is to start with everything set flat (usually 12 o'clock) then make small adjustments from there... boost a bit in the mids and play with the frequency sweep till you find a voicing that sounds right to you, then add a bit of bass or treble for brightness or low end...

    suggestion: don't push the bass/lows too much, as it requires alot more power to amplify these frequencies and will make your amp work much harder. if you are struggling to hear yourself, try backing down on the lows a bit and boost some mids - this will allow you to hear yourself better in the mix.

    Ps. Eq settings that sound good when you play by yourself probably won't sit very well in the mix with the rest of the band or allow you to hear yourself very well...
  5. mainly rock. the band i'm playing bass for mostly has a rock & soft rock style
    thanks for the advice i'll try out what you said.