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Setting up my Ibanez for Slap

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by dunivan, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. dunivan


    Jul 3, 2003
    Ft. Myers, FL
    endorsing artist: knucklehead strings
    I have a Ibanez GSR 200, not a well known slapping bass, but am tryin to see what it can do

    at first with no changes it sounds like crap, but when i play with the treble, it gives it a closer to desired slapping growl.

    is there any ways you guys & gals have set up ur basses to get the best slapping tone out of it?

    any help is grateful
  2. If I were to attempt this setup, I would go for a lower action with a very straight neck, install a brass nut for clearer open notes, a high mass bridge, and a set of strings with slightly higher tension.

    But you should be aware that my slap technique was rated "inconsequential" at the World BellyFlop Finals.
  3. Tone? A fair bit of mid if you can, my preference lies with the lower ones, also I've found that a little compression gives it that little bit of whatever it is I like in slap tone. What do most 'slap switches' do? Find out and see if you can apply that to your setup somehow, also tell us what it is, I'm curious.

    Theres something about the string spacing making for slapping ease, it could be wider...or maybe tighter...not real sure but its definitely one of them. So if you're replacing the bridge you might want an adjustable string spacing option. I, however, don't really give too much of a stuff to string spacing, I regard it as a challenge to be overcome.

    I am probly in a similar boat to Hambone (cept he's probly forgotten more than I know about bass setup), while most people seem to be impressed with my slap technique, they don't know much and I can't seem to use it for more than wankity-wank-wank during sound checks (well, they did ask me to play some slap...foolish soundguy), so I don't use it in songs much.

    Josh D

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