Setting up my Setup (help needed)

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  1. So I'm going to start building up a setup so I can record/produce for people in the near future.

    I have Windows Vista (save the flack) and a fully capable Sony Vaio AR series laptop.

    I'd like to have Logic Pro, but alas, I have Windows, so I'd like to know what the equivalent is for Logic.

    As well as recording jazz, pop, etc, I have a great interest in being able to do electronica type things, as well. Anything with some great drum machines/synth drums?

    I'm new to this whole thing, and have checked out Pro-Tools, but have no idea what to look for in a package. I've heard of Ableton, but from what I gather, it seems to be more for the performance aspect.

    If you all could help me out with your recommended software and a price range, etc, I'd be appreciative,

  2. I'm an Ableton user on the Mac side. While it has some features that make it great for live performance it is very capable as a "normal" DAW. Some of the Ableton fans actually dislike the fact that it has developed so many DAW features while leaving some of the more requested live performance updates out. I'm also a former Logic user and Live is like Logic's weird relative. They both give you a lot of options in terms of how you get a given task done.

    Before you leap in, try to get a handle on what you think your process will look like. How much live tracking? How much MIDI vs. Audio? Do you want a virtual mixing board, or the option to work a little differently? It might help you make a good first decision about both software and hardware. The real expensive part is when you have to buy something twice!
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    There's a trial version available for both Ableton and Sonar if you want to check them out. For some silly reason steinberg doesn't provide a trial of Cubase anymore.