Setting up my Shuttlemax 9.2 / Streamliner 900 to be super aggressive…tips

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  1. Hi all

    When I first started playing and gigging, I used to have a VERY bright bass tone. New sound to the strings, no flats, mainly played with a plec, and I boiled the strings if they were sounding a little dead.

    I used a Trace GP12 400 SMX and it was fabulous at that super aggressive, bright modern tone. Lots of crisp clear upper mids and treble available. I only used a cheap Peavey 4x10 and it worked fine with the tweeter on a little.

    My tastes have changed and I’ve pretty much tried all different types of tones.

    I’d like to replicate a similar bright/sizzly tone. I miss cutting the mix and having a lot of aggressive bass (it used to be my signature tone…everyone used to ask how I got it!).

    I’m sure this MUST be possible with the GB Shuttlemax 9.2 and the cabs I have (most the cabs I have now are probably more modern in tone than my old ones). Suitable cabs I have would be Aguilar DB212, TC RS210, or GB NX2 212T.

    What do you recommend I boost/cut? Boost the high mids? The Max 9.2 is super flexible and has a very good control of low mids/high mids and has a High Freq Attack with variable control.

    Maybe I can even get this with the Streamliner 900? The treble on the amp seems pretty damn clear and bright.

    I assume that I probably used to gig with a mid scoop somewhere in the mids….

    Bass wise, I use Musicman basses), Fender P and a Fender J.
  2. IMO, that is pretty much the sound of the Max 9.2 out of the box. I would use the tube channel, engage the 'input boost' button and use a relatively high ration of gain to secondary volume. Just boost the bass a touch to fatten up that tight low end, keep the boost and mid cut filters off, and engage the bright filter. That should grind and punch like heck. Of course, might need more tweaking with individual cabs, but that tone is very much (IMO) 'in' the Max 9.2, and can be warmed and 'grinded up' by really pushing that tube input.

    With the Shuttle, not so much. Beautiful, crisp, clean treble, as you point out, but very little control of the upper midrange without thinning out the low end. I guess the closest you would get is to again drive that input gain hard (engage that boost button again and dial up the gain), boost the upper frequency (upper mid) setting on the semi-parametric midrange a bit, and slightly cut bass and treble (bass all the way back to 10 o'clock and treble to taste. Won't get there like the Max though.

    IMO and IME! I love both of these amps, but they do very different things.
  3. Thanks Ken. I did notice when I first tried the Max 9.2 that it reminded me of my old Trace amp in the way it was almost 'solid', quick, tight in the low end and crisp.

    Sounds like a good plan. I'll experiment soon :)