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Setting Up Pedalboard/ Questions:

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Bassmanbob, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Bassmanbob

    Bassmanbob Supporting Member

    Here is the list of effects/ controllers I'm putting together:

    Shure SLX Wireless (direcly into instrument input)
    Eden Metro channel & mute foot controller (direct from the amp)
    Boss TU-2 (direct from the "tuner out" on the amp)
    Boss LS-2
    Boss Bass EQ
    Boss RL 20- XL
    Akai Deep Impact
    Electo Harmonics POD

    1. What kind of cables do you guys recommend? I've used Monster Bass cables, but do they make a 20' or 30' cable? Do they make short bass cables for effects? Whatever cables I use, I want to make sure they support the deep low end.
    2. What order would you recommend with the EQ, Looper, LS-2, Deep Impact and EH POD? And why. I'm assuming the Boss LS-2 would be first and the looper would be last.
    3. For the send and return wires, will 20'-30' be too long tone wise? Will it suck tone with that length? Our band does a number of festival type gigs with big stages, so I need the length.
    4. Does anyone have a Deep Impact to sell?
    5. I want to make my own pedal board. Besides plywood (it's heavy) what materials would you recommend? I also want wheels and a handle on it. Does SKB make a pedal board with wheels?
    6. What power supply do you recommend for these boxes? I do want to put a power strip on it, but would like one power converter for everything except the Shure wireless (it has it's own).

    Thanks in advance for all of your help. Bob
  2. What do you want the loooper to control? Do you want it just to act as a effects loop, or take one the tone sucking effects?
  3. Bassmanbob

    Bassmanbob Supporting Member

    Here's where my lack of knowledge adn experience shows. The LS-2 I thought was to take out the effects out of the chain. The RC 20 XL to act as a looping device to play on top of a riff I've already played.
  4. Oh! That's my fault. You were correct. I was thinking of a true bypass thing, and saw you refered to a looper...