Settling Down

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  1. I've been all over the place, mostly in my head, about what rig to have. I've changed my mind 50,000,000 times. But now I think I've finnaly come to the natural conclusions of things. HEre we go:

    A sunn 300T (Or Fender 300Pro) into an NV215.

    With either a P-Bass with a maple fretboard, or a P-deluxe with a maple fretboard.

    Thing is, I've tried the Sunn through its matching 4x10. How would it match up with the NV215, nicely? I don't think I'll have a chance to try the NV215 for a while, hence my question.
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    I've tried pert near all my tube heads (and several ss heads as well as preamp/power amp setups) into my NV215, and it has performed beyond my expectations with all of them. If you like a deep, tight tone that will get you "under" the guitars, as well as balanced (non-hyped) mids and clear, natural sounding (but not sparkly) highs, I think that the NV215 is an excellent chioce. And being sealed, you can drive it pretty hard with a tube amp, and it will not fart out on the low end.

    Sounds like a nice rig!