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Settling the differences

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Da LadY In Red, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. My band is getting back together after a 3 month or so break. The break was caused essentially by the guitarist/vocalist not learning lyrics, me requiring him to practice vocals with me, and then him cancelling this vocal practice several times with lies.

    So we're getting back together, and him and I aren't gelling together at all. At the time, we were trying to get enough original material for a gig, and he wants to gut 2 of the 5 songs we had finished/almost completed. He wants to completely change our style (which I thought our original style was pretty good).

    Back when we first started, he made me write all the music and he wrote the lyrics. Now he's changing stuff and bringing ideas that aren't completely thought out when I have entire arrangements ready to be played as a band. Our goal is to get a 20 min opening gig in less than a month. I don't understand how we can meet that if he is trying to change the direction of the band and in general isn't listening to my suggestions (like turning down his highs, his bass, AND his volume as he turns the mix into mud).

    I'm not entirely sure if the band's going to work, but I would like to fix it and give it another go as I think we make decent music. How can I talk to him about this? What should I say?

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice more than you know it.
    Da LadY
  2. I think you kind of answered your own question towards the end. It sounds like you and he are going in _completely_ different directions musically. Are you sure you should even be in a band together?

    Sit down with the guy and explain that he is making things very difficult for the band by constantly changing things. How do the other people in the band feel? Get their thoughts, and make sure he hears from them too. If he doesn't come around, boot him. It already sounds like he isn't willing to practice or improve himself, so I wonder why you're bothering with him if things didn't go over the first.

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