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SETUP forum posting guidelines

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Hambone, Dec 21, 2000.

  1. Well, folks, I think it's time to go over some guidelines for the posts that will appear in this little corner of the TB world. I've been moving stuff fairly regularly the past few weeks and, though I'm glad for the traffic, I wanted to let some of the newcomers in on how it's supposed to work.

    This is the "Setup" forum. As I see it,(and that's really all that matters:) ) it's for those discussions and questions relating to the hardware of the bass excluding the pickups and the strings. This is to include all of the other wood, plastic, and metal parts that make up the bulk of these object's de amor. I think this also includes how these items are attached, aligned, adjusted, and acquired. It is also appropriate to discuss the building, feeding and caring for these pets without regard to who plays em' or how. In a nutshell, it's simple: See the other categories? We ain't them!

    I hope some of you seniors aren't put off by this little dose of preventive medicine.
  2. Bruce Lindfield

    Bruce Lindfield Unprofessional TalkBass Contributor Gold Supporting Member In Memoriam

    I agree completely, but I think you have a problem, because it seems that in casual conversation, people on this board seem to take "setup" as anything to do with their equipment!

    As in "Tell us about your setup" = what bass and amp do you have. "How do you set up your amp?" = what settings do you use on your amp? It even gets to the point where "what's your setup?" could mean "what effects do you use?" or just about anything!

    I think it's a combination of laziness and a general compression of vocabulary, which is happening in society at large and is not going to be changed by us! ;)

    I applaud the stance, but I think you are still going to be moving a lot of threads!
  3. ??, i thought it was just some guys getting mixed up,, i think the best coversations on the forum are those which metamorphose into something much more interesting and indepth

    by the way bruce i was playing a progress 5 sting at the jam on sat,, there very good!!
  4. I agree with your post Bruce and I have been dealing with it in this way: I'll let a topic ride if it's on the cusp of something pertinent to this forum. Then, as it morphs into something outside of the realm, I'll bump it to a better place where it's liable to get more response than here. That's not always convenient to the originators of the thread or the respondents but I always try to contact them by email to let them know it's been moved. Once it's in the proper forum, who knows how it'll grow and change. IMO thats better for the community structure.
  5. Just bumping this back to the top for awhile.
  6. Bruce Lindfield

    Bruce Lindfield Unprofessional TalkBass Contributor Gold Supporting Member In Memoriam

    I was just looking at the first dozen or so posts in this part of the forum and only one (about rattle at the nut) is about what I would think of as "SetUp". I can see that modifications are more appropriate to this area rather than any another, but to me "Setting Up" a bass is about the adjustable bits and not replacing parts. Maybe we need a new forum along the lines of "Customising and Modifying Basses"? There seem to be enough of this type to justify it.

    Not criticising any of the posts or posters here - just a suggestion.
  7. Rumblin' Man

    Rumblin' Man Banned

    Apr 27, 2000
    Route 66
    I agree Hambone, but one point I want to make is about excluding pickups completely. Granted you probably meant posts along the lines of the "what type of pickup should I use" questions that belong in the Pickups space. However the adjustment of the pickups is part of a setup and I see no reason why that topic should be excluded from Setup.

    I also agree with Bruce, I think a Custom/Modifications/DYI space is an excellent idea.
  8. ...As I write this and except for this post, the top ten topics has only one luthiery thread and rest are all great "Setup" topics touching on everything stem to stern. I guess the balance is different at different times.

    Rumblin', it sort of occured to me that a pretty decent measure for determining whether a thread is destined for the pickups forum is if it begins to banty around brand names. Of course, this isn't a hard and fast rule and I don't run my ship that way but the idea makes one think.

    This isn't really that big of an issue anyway. Just as the flow of the topics changes, so have the occurences of mis-posts decreased. I thought that since we hadn't ever defined what we mean by "Setup" it would be a good idea.

    I am really proud of the advancement and growth of this forum. We are are really gaining posts and there are some neat discussions here. I hope it has been enjoyable to those reading it.
  9. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Hambone, I agree with your comments about the advancement and growth of this forum.

    I am not enough of a tinkerer to build my own(yet;)) but this is the second place that I always visit on the board, right after basses.

    I have been playing bass for 20 years, but I have learned more about setup in the past 3 months than I did in my previous 19 3/4 years as a bass player.

    When I first came to Talkbass in April, this forum seldom had new posts.

    Now it is a pretty active place, and I am always anxious to see what kind of mad scientist project some of you guys have going.

    A year ago, I wouldn't even adjust the truss rod on my cheapest bass.

    2 weeks ago, based on information learned in this forum, I did a complete professional setup on my Pedulla Rapture 5, and I love it even more now that I have it set up for my taste and style.
  10. Well there you have it!!! A pretty solid, unsolicited, positive testimonial.

    Embellisher, do you want to be in the new TV commercial? ;)
  11. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member


    Can my gear be in it too?


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