SOLD Several ACTIVE pickups for sale EMG Seymour Duncan BassLines

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    225BF144-3B80-4D51-89F6-56A4F0DB2B73.png C2FD3F88-5F21-49F5-BF05-EFF28712AA28.png 3D17753E-1BEF-42B5-953F-60F9F6346918.png 6F797F43-C225-4B9A-99A1-7D9B608AB80E.jpeg 67F0BB24-88BC-460A-8B5F-28DCFEE48879.jpeg F773DB3F-0432-4F8C-87F0-16C87AFA5188.jpeg Active Pickups for sale; all of them are active ; that means they have a modern sound and have an internal preamp inside the pickups and will require at least 9 volts to operate.

    NEW EMG active P type; totally new old stock- $60

    Used EMG-X Active Jazz set in cool Ivory Cream Color; great condition! Quick connect system $60 (great price ! They go new for $190!!). ....SOLD!

    Seymour Duncan Active Jazz Set In great condition $60 (both pickups are the short type so this works great for any jazz bass including Mexican Fenders and Spectors).

    Seymour Duncan Jazz Active pickup with 3, switches Bridge position- GREAT sounding pickup! The plastic of one of the switches is broken but you can still move and operate the switch; it functions normally $30

    Seymour Duncan (BassLines) jazz bridge active pickup with 2 switches a little bit of wear but it functions flawlessly $30 this is a very rare model from the early 90’s.

    All prices include insured shipping within the continental USA . PayPal ok!

    Questions?? Thanks for reading !
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    4 or 5 string?
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    Jun 20, 2014
    4 string ; the ones that could be used for 5 strings were the EMG Jazz. Ivory set ; but they sold!
    All the rest are for 4 string
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    *Peace be with You*
    Thanks for the SD AJB-1 Active EQ Pickup w/switches.
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