SOLD Several New Dingwall Basses in time for Christmas, like this Combustion 5-string Blackburst

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    Dingwall Combustion 5-String Blackburst with BWB pickguard, Swamp Ash Body Upgrade, Maple Neck, JUST-IN! Received in November 2017, In-Stock & Ready to Ship! Free Gigbag!

    HERE ARE THE DINGWALL BASSES IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS. Call four-one-seven-274-0392 or email [email protected] with any question.

    Combustion 5-string Blackburst, Ash Body Upgrade, with Free Gigbag
    Combustion 5-string Vintage Burst with Free Gigbag
    Combustion 5-string Matte Black with Free Gigbag
    Combustion 4-string Natural with Ash Body Upgrade, with Free Gigbag
    Combustion 4-string White with Free Gigbag
    NG2 Laguna Seca Blue 4-string

    ABZ 5-string, Natural to Blackburst, 3x FDV pickups, Darkglass Pre with Switches, Maple Neck with Wenge Fretboard, Dingwall branded Levy's premium Strap - BLACK, Dingwall Branded Gigbag
    Also, we can special order any Dingwall bass.

    Other Basses:
    Genuine Hofner Bass, German Built GOLD LABEL, In-stock, special price several hundred below wholesale!
    Hofner Gold-Label Custom German-Built Bass - Green with Hardshell Case. FREE set of HOFNER Strings! On-Sale!

    And, my research of ACOUSTIC BASSES has led to this IMO best value. These play like a dream and easily compare to more expensive acoustic basses. Every player should have one of these for their arsenal:
    2017 Tanglewood Guitars TWRAB Roadster Acoustic Bass

    We can also special order, one week leadtime, any Cort or Hofner bass that is in stock at the distributor.
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