For Sale Several Pedals: Boss, Korg, Marshall (prices include shipping)

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    Pedals for sale. Prices include shipping.

    Boss TR-2 Temolo - This is an older model, but in great condition. Crimson and Clover, over and over...$55.

    Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator - "Four-mode dial lets you select standard or jumbo acoustic sound, or add brilliance with enhance, or a piezo pickup sound." Thus spake Boss...$55.

    Korg PB-1 Pitch Black - You know what it does, and it does it very well...$45.

    Marshall RG-1 Regenerator - Cool multi-function pedal, built like a small tank. Chorus, flanger, phaser, vibe and more...$50.

    Boss SD-1 Super OverDrive - The classic overdrive and a great platform for modding...$35. (SOLD)

    Shipping CONUS included. Paypal accepted.

    I'd trade a couple of them for a good reverb, like maybe a RV-5 or similar.

    DSC_3677a.JPG DSC_3680a.JPG DSC_3675a.JPG DSC_3676.JPG DSC_3678a.JPG DSC_3674a.JPG
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