Several Sets of D'Addario Chromes new in pack, Schaller Hipshot, Loaded PJ Pickguard

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  1. PClark99


    Jan 13, 2010
    Have some stuff to offload. I can take check, money order, or amazon payments. No paypal though.

    I have a loaded Fender Gold Anodized pick guard, it has some light pick marks but otherwise it is clean and it has an extra hole to accommodate the extra pot. It come with the complete wiring harness and a set of circa 1980's EMG Active Pickups. Aside from the wires for the J pickup it is intact, basically drop it in, reconnect the J and go. It also comes with the black knobs as show. Pulled this off a bass I just purchased. These do sound really good, I just wanted to test my wiring skills. ;) Drop this in a PJ bass, reconnect red wires and solder white wire to back of pot and middle terminal and just go.

    Link to Pictures:

    $110 shipped. Ok. How about $100 shipped?

    Ok no love for this how about $80 shipped or trade?

    How about $70 shipped? OK how about $60 shipped. $50 shipped.

    Would take a good p bass case in trade.

    Or something else I can use, throw me a bone here! ;)
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    Jan 13, 2010
    Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth, life got in the way.

    Anyway I really want to move this.

    How about $40 shipped for the loaded pickguard.