Seymour Duncan 5 string P/J experiences?

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  1. Evening all
    I recently purchased a Yamaha BB235 and I'm looking for any feedback on swapping the pickups out. My first choice would be a set of Seymour Duncan quarter pounds, a p and a j but I've never really heard either being used on a 5er. I had a 1/4lb in my old fender p bass I used to own, and absolutely loved the tone. Anyone use these 2 together in a 5 string bass? Any suggestions on alternatives are more than welcome, if you know of any punchy, modern sounding 5 string P/J sets. Thanks in advance!
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  2. I have two basses with QP Jazz V pickups.



    The fretless is passive, the VM Jazz is active, but I never use the preamp...there’s no need..Plenty of low end, might use the bass cut feature.
    Great pickups, underrated for sure.

    The Aguilar set in this Roscoe sounds really nice, too!

    I can’t find any PJ5 QP videos, but you can get an idea of the bridge pickup to e here:

    (I think this bass has 70’s pickup spacing...)

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  3. Thanks for the reply! Those Aguilars certainly sound sweet, I do think I prefer the tone of the QP P pickup though! From what I remember it just had a certain unmistakable sound to it, I just have no idea how it would sound paired with a QP J bridge pickup. I'd imagine it would sound great, but again some input on that from someone that uses a set would be fantastic before I take the plunge...