SOLD Seymour Duncan NYC 4-String Bridge pickup

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    View attachment 3858149 View attachment 3858148 Seymour Duncan NYC 4-String Bridge pickup.

    Had this in a bass for a few weeks. It was nice, but had some kind of (impedance?) mismatch with the Geezer Butler P pickup when both were on 10 volume. Apparently a common problem.

    Has 14 inches of wire, red, white, black, and green and shield. I had it wired for Series/Single coil/Parallel using a chrome mini-toggle flat paddle and it works great. Can include a used one for free or a new one for an extra $9.

    The ends of the wire: Red and white are obvious, but the green+shield and black, their true color has been obscured at the ends of the wire with insulation and shrink tubing. Look at the base of the wire where they come out of the main insulation to see their true nature.
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    Don't get whiplash from such a quick response, but I'm sending you a PM. :blackeye: :D
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    Dec 24, 2018
    On Hold pending final sale.