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Seymour Duncan QP for JAZZ or DiMarzio Ultra Jazz

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by register, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. register


    Mar 31, 2002
    Hey, I'm just trying to learn more about SD QP for jazz basses from people that have used them - do they scoop mids? I'm looking for something punchier that does not scoop them. Also, if anybody can tell me a bit more about DiMarzio Ultra Jazzes I'd appreciate it! Thanks.
  2. The Duncan Vintage Jazz SJB-1 has the highest mids and lower bass/treble.


    B-M-T = 6-8-6 (boosted mids)

    QP Jazz
    B-M-T = 8-5-8 (scooped mids)

    Hot Jazz
    B-M-T = 8-6-6 (boosted bass)

    Higher numbers is higher emphasis
  3. Hi;

    I was just going through the same process. I wanted to update the sound on my Ibanez J style bass with something that was more current. I went with the DiMarzio DP149 Ultra Jazz Set. They were a dead easy replacement (according to the techie) and they really sound great. Smooth, fat and quiet with a nice little burr.

    You may consider the Bass Player Mag. Archive article, "J Bass Pickup comparison) 2000. I ran some of their recommendations past some friends, did some more reading online, talked with two techies in different shops and opted for the Ultra Jazz Set.

    Incidentally, the guy who did the work, Steve Brand @ Act1 in Langley, B.C. Canada said "the Seymour Duncans require some routing (despite what they claim) and are not a perfect fit." (more money too).

    I'm happy.


    That did it for me.
  4. I just put a pair of Duncan Basslines in my Jazz bass and didn't have to do any routing at all. They are exactly the same size as the stock ones in Fenders.

    I put in the "Hot Jazz" SJB-2s. Real tight and punchy with lots of low end and agressive mids. The SJB-1s would have very agressive mids. The DiMarzio Ultra Jazz is a nice pickup too. Hard call.
  5. Whaddya think about the DiMarzio J series on fretless?

    They are 6-5-4 on the B-M-T scale. Obviously rolling off the highs and bumping up the lows. These took a Top Tone award in the BP review.

    I'm looking for something that puts the fretless tone in your face. They will be driven by a J-Retro.
  6. bgavin;

    I only wish that I had the scratch for a fretless so that I could try it out. Hey, even just thinking about more gear makes me happy. Go for it, what's the worst that could happen? I hardly think you can go very far wrong with either choice.

    my $0.02

    I note in your gear profile that you have huge gear! Dude, that must be some big garage!

  7. The weight precludes me from unloading it after the weekly gig, so the amp and cabs live in my truck for now.

    I picked up two more 15" subs, and am planning on rebuilding the two existing 1x15 and two new ones from vented into sealed cabs. I'll get smaller cabs, but lose some bottom end as part of the trade off. I sold my 69 pound MX-3000a amp and replaced it with a PLX 3002 and cut 48 pounds off.

    The weight really sux.

    I'm really leaning toward the DiMarzio model J pair for a fretless I'm bidding on. I have a J-Retro already, and will use that to drive 'em.
  8. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Never tried the Seymour Duncans but I do have the DiMarzio Ultra Jazz's in my MIM Jazz. To me, they sound authentic vintage, if that helps.
  9. I got lucky and scored a MIM J fretless from eBay, so I'm gonna take a chance and order a set of DiMarzio Model J from MF.

    The Model J are individual humbuckers, (side by side), plus they took a Top Tone award.
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