Seymour Duncan Stc-2c-bo review

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  1. cmcbass

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    Jan 4, 2018
    I'm doing this review so people searching for opinions on this preamp have another review on which they can base their decisions. I kicked around the idea of putting this pre in a bass for a few months, and finally figured, "why not, it's cheap enough!"

    The most in depth review I've seen is on the guns and guitars YouTube channel, and he has sound samples and comparisons to passive and active. It's a great review, but I'm finding that with my bass and pickups, I get a much different tone and overall sound. I feel like this is because it is a very transparent preamp and it doesn't color your tone very much.

    Installation was easy with my fairly remedial soldering skills, and I had it wired up in about 20 or 30 minutes. Harder though was finding a place to secure the battery. I got a little 9 volt clip, and ended up taping it to my control cavity cover. The front of the control cavity wasn't thick enough for me to screw into, so this was the easiest and most secure option I had available at the time. Tiny tiny screws would have worked too, but I didn't have any on hand.
    I'm not particularly good at wire management, so getting it in there was good enough for me. I also sanded the back of the battery clip and tried to super glue it into the cavity, but the clip was too smooth for the glue to adhere. That's why that white blob is inside my control cavity.

    As I stated earlier it is a very transparent sounding preamp. Set flat it boosts volume slightly, but it's not a huge boost. I've only used it through my practice amp (fender rumble 25) thus far, and I just turned the volume down slightly. I don't hear any distortion from the preamp, though there is a slight hiss when boosting the treble all the way (I'm using the 3k treble setting. 6k wasn't my jive). I do boost my treble to get a fairly clangy/shimmery sound, but I don't find a full treble boost with this pre is necessary to get it where I want it. I'm having no noise issues when setting the treble where I like it.

    The bass boost is articulate, and it doesn't get overly boomy. I was concerned about this when I purchased the pre, because I like my low end tight. Through my practice amp I'm having no boomy bass issues. It only has one 8" speaker, but it's a fairly good sounding little practice amp. I don't know how this will correlate to my gigging rig, but I'm not anticipating any problems.

    My overall opinion is that it's cheap and it does what I want it to. I wanted to add a little shimmer and oompf to my cheap bass that I use mostly for practice. There are definitely many better preamps out there, but this is the cheapest one widely available (yes there are super cheap eBay preamps available too). Im happy with it, and I'll be keeping it in my bass.

    Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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    Just a little tip...Wrap some electrical tape around your battery to prevent any shorts in case it comes in contact with other components.
  3. Zoobiedood

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    Thanks for the very cool review!
  4. bigtone23


    Dec 10, 2014
    Denver, CO
    I'm with you in regards to this preamp. It's well made and sounds great. You can spend less and get something cheaply made, or a lot more and not get a lot back for better tone or durability. The knobs that come with it are really solid, too.

    I have one on my Squier Bass VI, also set for the 3K treble. It made sense to replace the tone control and strangle switch (bass cut) with it since the pre pretty much does what those two passive controls did in addition to the benefits of getting EQ boosts (which I rarely do) and buffered output, too. Repurposed the strangle switch for series/parallel pickup combinations and my Bass VI is beyond versatile now.
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