For Sale Seymour Duncan STC-3M3 3-Band Preamp with 3 Knobs

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    Control Configuration
    1. Volume/Slap Switch Push/Pull
    2. Treble/Bass Stack
    3. Midrange
    Tone Circuit designed for Music Man Stingray bass comes with a prewired 3-knob control harness.

    The STC-3M3 is the 3-knob version of our Music Man Tone Circuit, and has a stacked bass/treble control, a midrange control, a master volume with a push/pull for our proprietary Slap Switch.

    The treble control can produce a wide ranging, extremely usable response that is brilliant, yet smooth without being brittle. The lows are deep, clear, and tight. The mids range from ultra-smooth to punchy and all points in between. The Slap Switch is a pushpull located on the volume control.

    Pulling up on the volume knob will engage the special EQ contour Voiced specifically for slap playing. The two small trim pots on the circuit board can be tweaked to preset the slap contour EQ just the way you want.Combine with our Music Man replacement pickups for a complete setup.The STC-3M3 is specifically designed for Stingray basses, but will also work in any bass that is equipped with one passive pickup and has space for 3 control knobs (volumeslap switch, midrange, concentric basstreble control) and a single 9v battery in the control cavity.

    Two 9v batteries can be wired together in series for added headroom.

    Use together with replacement pickup for Music Man bass.

    For Music Man® StingRay® basses and other basses with a single passive pickup. Will not work with 3-coil pickup.

    Package Includes
    • Includes all necessary mounting hardware
    • High-quality potentiometers on pre-wired harness
    • Battery Clip
    • Stereo Jack
    • Black Anodized, knurled, dome-style knobs.
    Power Requirements 9Vdc (up to 36V may be used for increased headroom)
    Current consumption 1.55mA @ 9V (current consumption is higher at higher voltages)
    Maximum signal swing 2.7V @ onset of clip
    Gain Unity *
    Thd <0.01% *
    Noise < -95dBv *
    Tone control center frequency / Q / range +/-
    Bass 20 Hz / .67 / 20dB
    Midrange 578 Hz / .54 / 9dB
    Treble 6.6 KHz corner / shelving / 20dB
    Slap contour center frequency / Q / range
    Bass Boost 83 Hz / 1.79 / +3 to +9dB
    Midrange Cut 633 Hz / 1.12 / -3 to -11dB
    * Noise & thd measurement taken with tone controls set to flat position
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