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    Jan 7, 2012
    North Central IN
    Wife and I are vacationing in said area in late Sept. What should we not miss in relation to music in general? Open to anything from venues to museums to music shops to restaurants. Thanks for suggestions.
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    San Francisco Sunday Chronicle has the Datebook, which is referred to as The Pink Section by locals. It has listings of who is playing where. It depends on what kind of music you like certainly. For jazz/fusion, Yoshi's SF or Oakland is great. SF Jazz Center is fairly new. I haven't been there. Great American Music Hall is a beautiful venue in SF. Red Devil Lounge, Cafe Du Nord, Biscuits and Blues have good music, also in SF. George's in San Rafael in Marin is a good music venue. Freight and Salvage in Berkeley for more acoustic music, generally. Good luck! :)
    Plus, if you come see this great Allman Bros. tribute band on Sep. 28, I'll buy you a beer. http://allmanstepbrothers.com/
  3. Lou's pier 47 @ Fishermans warfe , the Saloon north beach, these are blues rock Venues, the South Bay has tons of venues. Get online and check ahead of time...lots stuff of all genres .....seek and ye shall find. For the so. bay i think you search the metro mag. Bring an axe and there are tons of jam nights all over. ENJOY!
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    Feb 4, 2001
    The view from the Coit Tower is really great
  5. MD


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    Marin Co. CA.
    If you're the outdoor type (beach, hiking, views), and have wheels, try to get up to Marin and spend an afternoon on Mt Tam and Stinson Beach.
  6. better yet............. (sorry Marinates) Drive from SF to Santa Cruz on hwy1 or better yet Monterey and Carmel even farther south (Big Sur)...all good flavors of good .. and MD I still have my Mt. Tam Hang Gliding permit and love your neighborhood and my buddy Steve Evans who play's with everybody in your neighborhood..
  7. MD


    Nov 7, 2000
    Marin Co. CA.
    Absolutely! More drive time, but if you got a couple days, it's worth the trip. Big Sur and the drive south is gorgeous. And if you like architecture, there's an amazing stone house, built on the side of a cliff, maybe 7-10 minutes south of Carmel that should be seen. I'll see if I can find pics.

    Oh yeah... I love seeing the gliders overhead on Mt Tam. Don't know your friend Steve, but if he's a jazz player, I'd like to meet him.
  8. rapidfirerob

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    I assume this is the same Steve Evans who played with Brian Auger and Search Party in the early 80s?
    This is a great place to see jazz, in Half Moon Bay, just south of San Francisco: http://www.bachddsoc.org/
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