Shameless Gig-Spam -- West Village Tonight!

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    Nov 4, 2001
    Playing on Slab tonight with a group that is probably my favorite musical experience since moving here to NYC three years ago.

    Edo Yanai -- Israel, New York, currently Florida (flying up just to play the gig!), guitar

    Mike Pavone -- CT, New York, Guitar, and possibly some vocals

    Me -- Toledo, Cleveland, Boston, Toledo, Decorah, IA, Toledo, New York, The Slab

    Karen Teperberg -- Israel, Boston, New York, drums

    No cover, but feed the bucket. I don't know if the place has a minimum or not, but past experience shows that they don't enforce it too hard. The bartender is too busy trying to get laid, generally.

    We'll be playing free-form funk/rock and originals. Far from the comfort of the acoustic jazz that I call home. High volume and incredible chemistry. I'm hoping to see NYC-area TB'ers out.

    With Edo moving to Florida and Karen moving to L.A. in a couple of weeks, this will be likely the last get together for this band and it would be neat to have folks hear it.

    5 lb. Bag
    9:00pm - 12:30pm (depending on attendance)

    Finally Fred's
    765 Wahington St. (@ W. 12th)
    New York, NY
    (212) 255-5105