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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by JazzMarius, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. hy guys, it's late in the night ( 02:43 local time ) and i am listening to a clip while i write this.

    the first time i ever realised there is a BASS in a band it was when i saw this clip.it was back in the late 90's when i went to a family with my mom and dad to pay them a visit. they put this VHS and let it play.

    i must add that i love to worship God and to play for Him! this VHS was from '96, a ron kenoly concert. ("Sing Out"). i later ( some years ago) realised that there were some serious players in there... ( Alex Acuña, Genesis's drumer Chester Thompson,Justo Almario and Abe Laboriel)...

    i was impressed by such a quality music, i was stonished!! so, this song begins and i feel how my heart was pumping hard.in fact, it was pumping hard the whole concert.

    the bass tone was so so awsome, it cuts through anything and i heard that even when i was 10, 12 yo or so. the voices stop and they begin to clamp their hands. oh God, i felt like flying, impressed by such music.

    Alex Acuña begins and beats hard those percusions....i can remember how i felt back then!! and now, the moment!!!! !!! The great Abe Laboriel begins to groove hardcore on his TRBI . i was like: "what?? u can do that on an instrument???" it is so powerfull and , OH!! such a tone.

    it took me 7 years or so to begin play the bass but that inspired me! i love that!!! i love the bass! God inspired me through that video.

    so, short story and to make this stay in this forum... a great played Yamaha TRB I inspired me to play the bass...

    if u want to hear this song, here u go :

    what bass inspired u?

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