Sharing a few songs from school

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    Jul 23, 2006
    Hey guys.

    Now I don't hang much round these parts, but I thought I'd share with you a few select tracks from my class.

    First, a little back-story.

    The school I attend has an open music-"line" (will explain that).
    Basically, you are not forced to endure these 3 years of education. However, in order to get a job a bit higher up than custodian, you need to show them that you didn't just drop out or something and that's probably why "every one" attends. You can choose different "fields" like technical production, woodwork, etc etc at different schools and such.
    With music, it's essentially an extension of the 10 previous school years, with added stuff (music).

    In my class, we play together in different groups and I have been playing in the band the past year. We've only played covers so far, but I'm hoping that we can do something original in the fall, when school starts again. We started out with Herbie Hancock's Chameleon, moved on to I Wish by Stevie Wonder (some of you may remember a thread about that in the tablature (?) forums) and we've played a bit with Runaway by Jamiroquai (I'm proud) and Baba O' Riley by the Who, along with a couple other tracks we've never really played all the way through (shame).

    Anyway, we recorded a CD in April/May, mostly just as a reminder of this past year. The band plays Baba O' Riley and I Wish, and I have a solo arrangement of Tool's Intension, backed by sambas or bongos (honestly I just can't keep track of the different African drums), and I wish (pun not intended) to share these three with you.

    I would love any comments, tips, critiques, questions and stories (honestly love those TB stories :smug:) you might have and want to share.

    So without further ado, allow me to humbly present 1 MUA.

    Baba O' Riley

    I Wish

    Intension (solo) :D