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  1. After a few years of playing bass as a hobby, I recently decided to create a website offering some of the tabs I've collected. I'm currently going to college for a second Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology and after completing a class in web design, I figured this would be a good time to do it. I don't play in a band (as I said, this is just a hobby) but I have somewhere near 150 tabs and figured that some others could certainly get some good use out of them. I've only uploaded 15 so far as I'm busy with working two jobs and school, but I'll be adding more as I have time (hopefully 1-2 a week). I don't pretend to be anywhere nearly as talented as most of the people on this site and I'll admit I'm nervous about putting "myself out there". That said, I've received a lot of good information here and from other sources so this is my little way of giving back and hopefully providing something that might help others find tabs and examples for musical styles we have in common. If you care to, please check it out at
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    thanks for the link, it's pretty funny i was just thinking of sandy who dances in the dope show video
  3. I love Manson's videos...they're all fantastic in my book, The Dope Show being no exception!