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She Made My Life Better

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by The Golden Boy, May 2, 2005.

  1. Tonight I had to put down my friend of the past 10 years, Zen. She was a wonderful kitty. She was the most friendly of cats, and I will miss her dearly.

    There was a crackhead that lived in the apartment building I used to live in, and he got 2 kittens. He kicked them, threw them around, dumped hot water on them. One of the other neighbors was a 2 time state kickboxing champion, and he took the cats away from the crackhead. The first time I met them, Tabitha ran and hid but Zen just plopped down on her back and said "rub my tummy." To make a long story short, they would always sneak out of his apartment whenever he opened the door and would crawl under the firedoor and meow outside my apartment and I'd let them in and play with them (Zen would always "help" me with my homework :) ) until Rich figured out they were gone, and he always knew where they were. When Rich moved he left the cats with me, that was in 95.

    Throughout the many moves since then the cats have come with me. Tabitha was "daddy's girl" and Zen was "everyone's friend." She would be the one to come and greet visitors, and always purr up a storm. She came when she was called and didn't try to steal food off my plate. She loved to talk and get her face brushed. It still makes me smile thinking on how happy she made me and everyone around me, and that's the memories that I hope never fade.

    Two years ago she started having problems throwing up, and not being able to keep food in. She lost a lot of weight, but was still a happy, friendly kitty. The same thing happened again this past December. The vet found a thyroid problem. She was on medication for that, and was still, a happy, friendly kitty. About 3 weeks ago she was having difficulty breathing and I had to take her to the emergency vet. She was diagnosed with Chylothorax. The space around her lungs filled up with a fluid, and her lungs were unable to expand. Each week we've had to take her in to get her lungs tapped and remove the fluid. Since then she has not been a happy kitty. She didn't come downstairs, and pretty much either stayed in the bathroom or the hallway outside the kids' rooms. She didn't even come downstairs if she was hungry (and she couldn't eat much in one sitting). The treatment for Chylothorax is steroids and a supplement called Rutin. The steroids were small pills and easy enough. The Rutin are large pills and smell very... herbal. She wouldn't touch any of the food with the Rutin in it, so we had to give it as pills. If you've ever tried giving a cat a pill... The fight to get the pills into her was so stressful to both her and us, and last night we couldn't get her to take her pills, and she was just panting. When I got home from work this evening she was panting and wouldn't eat anything. With as unhappy as she's been, her general discomfort, her lack of eating, and the difficulty in getting her medicines (with which we were looking at as a 20% chance of recovery- at best) we decided that it was best our friend rest peacefully.

    Zen, I love you. God Bless.
  2. Josh Ryan

    Josh Ryan - that dog won't hunt, Monsignor. Supporting Member

    Mar 24, 2001
    My condolences. :(

    You did the right thing.
  3. I'm very sorry to hear about your cat...it's like losing a member of the family. :(

    Putting a pet down hurts, but as Blisshead said, you definitely did the right thing.
  4. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    I'm putting off the death of my cat and dog. Just remembering our last dog, Maggie, gets me all misty (crap, right now, actually), just thinking about her. I try to not think about her, since I loved her so much, it hurts to remember she's gone. Hell, she's been gone 9, 10 years now, and her memory still chokes me up.

    I plan on basically being a wreck for a few days. Maybe a week.

    Losing a family member hurts; hurts bad.
  5. I could tell a few similar stories, & would if I thought it would ease your pain. Suffice it to say the cats that have adopted my wife & I have always been gimpy in one way or another, & often have short little lives, so I know somewhat how you feel. Be encouraged for preserving life in a world that sometimes seems bent on wiping it all out.
  6. I know exactly what you are going through. The first memory of my life was the day we got a kitten. I was lucky to have that cat in my life until the day before my 20th birthday. He was a big part of my life from a toddler all the way through into "adulthood".
    The wonderful thing about pets is the unconditional love. Our relationship with our pets are the most stable ones we will ever know. I don't cry when I think about friends and family that are no longer with us, but I can cry at the drop of a hat when I think about some of my pets.

    Animals enrich our life

    P.S. please spay or neuter your pet!
  7. My heart goes out to you. I know-all too well- what you're going through. Remember, though, that for 10 years Zen trusted you to do what was best for her, and you have done just that, as hard as it was for you, personally.
  8. tifa

    tifa Padawan Bassist

    Mar 8, 2005
    Blackburn, UK
    My condolences Golden Boy. :( Losing a pet is like losing a good friend.

    You did the right thing - there is nothing worse that seeing a pet you love in pain and discomfort.

    Friendly thoughts sending your way :)
  9. Aw man, I'm really really sorry to hear this. Sorry for your loss, but yes, she's resting peacefully now. I know it's not easy to, but take comfort in that.

  10. DigMe


    Aug 10, 2002
    Waco, TX
    Sorry to hear it, man.

    brad cook
  11. xshawnxearthx


    Aug 23, 2004
    new jersey
    im sorry to hear about your loss. it always sucks when you lose an aniaml(especially an awesome cat). my cat flea died a few years back and im glad i had another cat. it sucks because she is always so lonely, so i try and let her downstairs(but she hates my grandparents cats) i wanna get her a kitten, but im barely home as it is.

    i dont know, i think i would have beaten the piss out of any crackhead who did that type of **** to a cat. reading that made me go back and forth between being inflamed with rage because of that crackhead, but then very sad because of your lose.
  12. xshawnxearthx


    Aug 23, 2004
    new jersey
    ps, if she is your only pet, it may be wise to get another kitten just because it will kind of fill the void for the cat.

    i know its hard to move past it and get another pet, but it may be the best thing for zen.

    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Supporting Member

    Sounds like you had a wonderfull friend, i am sorry for your loss.
  14. Adam Barkley

    Adam Barkley Mayday!

    Aug 26, 2003
    Jackson, MS
    At least you didn't not have to bury her. That is the hardest part. It about killed me to bury my first dog, Princess.
  15. burk48237

    burk48237 Supporting Member

    Nov 22, 2004
    Oak Park, MI
    I'm sorry for your loss dude, companionship is a valualble thing!
  16. Thanks everybody.

    I appreciate it, and I'm sure Zen would as well. She really was everyone's friend.

    I did forget to mention that I was holding and petting her when she went. She was purring when she went.

    For those of you that will have to have a friend put down I encourage you to be there with them. They've given you a lifetime of friendship and love, and the least you can do is be there for them when their time comes. It may be hard for you, but it means the world to them.
  17. Sorry for your loss, GB.
  18. smperry

    smperry Administrator Staff Member Administrator Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 3, 2003
    Bay Area, CA
    Sorry for your loss. :(

    I can't even think about losing either of my cats...it's going to be hard.

  19. It's terrible to lose any pet.

    Sorry for your trouble, Golden boy.

    Mike :(
  20. I think most would agree that putting down a pet IS losing a member of the family. I feel very sorry for you. I think my cat is headed in the same direction very shortly. She must be 16 or 17 by now and is grotesquely obese. My aunt's dog is also not doing very well. But what you did is for the best.

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