Shertler Pub 2/280

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  1. after browsing around the whole planet I discovered by reading a message in this forum the existence of a Shertler amps, French made, which look exactly like what i am looking for. Does anyone have one of these Pub 2/280 rigs. I want to make a stero rig for my chapman stick and hoep these can take some transients form hard tapping...

  2. thanks Vincent,

    now that i made it to switzerland I can skip over to Germany for a little Glockenklang. Saw one on e-bay not long ago.

  3. Nuno A.

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    Jul 9, 2001
    Schertler is Swiss, to be more accurate, their headquarters are in Mendrisio which is a small town in Ticino(which is the Italian speaking part of Switzerland.

  4. Nuno,

    thank you for this information

  5. basster


    Aug 14, 2003
    i own two of them and use them in different situations: as a small pa together with a mixing board and one or two to amplify my upright bass. i killed both subwoofers a while ago when playing the electric bass through these speakers, replacement was not very expensive, but i will never play hard-attack instruments through this unit. they`re sounding very very good, but they are too small to reproduce a strong deep signal with a high sound pressure level. for the stick, i think the mackie srm 450 is the better solution (i use one for electric bass, very loud and good sounding, the woofer works fine, i couldn`t kill it, maybe this has to do with the build-in compressor) or maybe schertler`s 1/380.
  6. hello,

    sorry for the slow reply I am rehearsing away from home ou in the woods, no connexion there.

    Are you using the Pub 2/280 withe the 380 sub; is tha what you blew when playing electric?
  7. well I got a pair of Pub 2/280;they sound good but I find they hum a little too much (50 cycles). Anybody have similar experinec; maybe it's just my set up!
  8. Monte


    Jan 9, 2001
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    I once had mu Pub hum, but I moved it a little and flipped the ground lift switch and it was fine. Sometimes proximity to wiring will do that.

  9. basster


    Aug 14, 2003
    i used the 2/280 without the 380 and blewed them.
  10. can they handle some electric bass with puch when used together : pub 2/280 and 380,
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    More on this subject Here.