SOLD Sherwood Green Fender/MJT relic jazz bass

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    Jan 14, 2009
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    Sherwood green... cool relic build, nitro MJT relic jazz bass body- alder white under coat, Sherwood green and some light relic work done- checking etc- going more for a closet classic vibe, fender CUSTOM shop pickups, audere 3 band preamp ( passive jack plate also included) mint guard tug bar Threaded bridge
    Neck is 80s era MIJ 60s reissue, sticky poly has been removed and neck has been redone with oil and bowling wax ( ala Lakland) - feels wonderful like a real deal 60s neck.. bass is nice and light too 8lb range ( bathroom scale isn’t super accurate says 8.2 but I wouldn’t take that to the bank- my scale usually runs heavier though)

    asking $1050 shipped USA 48 with bag

    EB6BA943-07DA-4C7B-962F-822EB68E3410.jpeg A48AD734-4E31-447C-A175-3C3CF2A3B857.jpeg 7A229925-81F7-4E1B-A832-92E5C295DC66.jpeg 7C9D196C-88FD-4610-A9DD-E47F198FA8D5.jpeg 1976B26C-742F-453B-A44C-B8C78A720C66.jpeg E0F7CAFC-F5F9-4EE9-A302-1A985C15D0D8.jpeg A49B1D4D-1094-4857-BC6C-49EB6AE68574.jpeg 58E6D060-DEBB-4D62-80FF-1F4E60C07E7E.jpeg B4C85BBD-825B-4E8A-9542-D174897AD326.jpeg 10DA185E-C30F-4A64-ACB5-89946EDD004F.jpeg