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  1. OMG!! I'm so glad I never bought a fender!

    Gibson Grabber! She's a booteee!!!!
    For a 30 year old bass, she's in GREAT condition!
    There's a hole on the lower horn where I guess some guy tried to put a new strap button, i can see that's been filled up..
    The frets are pretty low, but action is still awesome!
    SHE LOOKS INCREDIBLE!!! I lvoe this thang! yeehaa!

    Needs a setup, but thats cool..

    I need some advice, right, the saddle screws are really big, and rusty.. So ya think it won't be a problem with new screws? (same size of course!)

    I'm going to give her a clean and full going over tonight/tomorrow, and I'll post pix later!!!

    :D :D :cool: :cool: :)
  2. Sorry

    But you can't start a thread like you have without giving us some pictures;) :D

    Later is not a good enough excuse :D
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    Jun 8, 2001
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    Cool - a bass older than yourself!

    I've only played one bass older than me - it was crud! A no name pseudo P copy!

    My Guilds come close, and the fretless one has similar marks showing a strap button had been added at some point by a lefty!

    Anyway - get 'er sorted and gets the pix on!;)
  4. OK, still not got pix, sorry :(

    Inspecting without taking 'er apart:
    Bone nut :D

    Original tuners - Fantastic. They are solid. She was pretty much in tune by the time she got here!! A bit of oil maybe to make 'em a bit smoother.

    Headstock 'Gibson' decal has been removed :mad:
    Unorignal trussrod cover... Nothing to much to worry about!

    Item #00184150; she's 24 years old; 1976. There's a date stamp on the heel of the neck I will chekc out soon

    Sliding pickup, it's actually really not bad! I've been able to get a P-bass tone with the pup in the p-bass position. I'd say it's quite versitile, while using the tone control.

    Output; she's still loud! I haven't tried her on my main amp, but on my practise amp I got a good clear tone. Warm, some punch and plenty bright. Nice lows too!

    Frets are pretty worn, but still got some decent amount of play, and I don't really do bends, so thats cool.

    Neck; needs cleaning! A bit sticky, but feels nice and is pretty fast!!

    Vintage bridge; pretty cool. I don't like the saddle screws, I'm gunna change those. They are very sharp and don't use allan wrenches. A bit rusty, I'll try cleaning that up!

    Body/neck have wear on them, neck has some dunts in it, same with body; but at leats the actual finish is still there!!

    There's a hole on lower horn where I'm guessing someone tried to fit a new strap bottom; what on earth were they thinking?!

    The strap button under the upper horn is a lot better than I thought, strap hasn't come off todya, and I have been rockin' out ;)

    These are absoulutly awesome basses; I lvoe the look! I dig the sound, will be even better once I get some slowounds on her!! Or LoBeams, Or the Rotosound nickels.. mmm!!!!!

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    ummm... it's 27-28 years old if the date is correct. i guess in all the excitement you thought that it was still the year 2000... :eek: :p

    congrats a nice vintage bass and get those darn pix up already! :D
  6. Tsal


    Jan 28, 2000
    Finland, EU
    So, how do your parents feel about you dragging home a beauty twice your age? :p
  7. Aight, here's some pix!! I didnt manage to get lots of good ones, maybe some more for ya's tomorrow! :)

    Tsal, they think I'm nutz :D
  8. Here's another!
  9. I love Grabbers

    Nice pics, she looks lovely.
  10. Me to, Will :D :cool:
  11. You're taking me back, Micro. I used to have a G-3 and that body looks awfully familiar. It seems that there's more and more talk here lately about old Gibsons. :confused:

    Good luck with her.

  12. All the talk probably has something to do with me :D

    She's really wonderful. Like a vintage P-bass, imo!!
  13. Nice! From the way back machine. I used to have one of these and a Gibson RD Artist. That was one great bass too!
  14. The pic's are excellent. Congratulations on the bass it looks a goody. Hope you and your older girl have a long and fruitful relationship!!;)
  15. DarkMazda


    Jun 3, 2000

    wow! great bass.. AWESOME cord too!! it goes THROUGH the bass!? sweet! :D

  16. LOL!! NO, no it doesn't go thru the body!!

    Its just I put some tape around the cord to try and keep it at a curve and stop it from getting getting tight, it bends down and goes inbteween strap + body.. hehehe ;)