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    0874A896-ED05-4516-BA35-D65583025C86.jpeg I only got one reply under pickup forum so I’ll try this one
    Starting another project this weekend
    I’m refitting an American Peavey Forum I picked up for $100
    Spent a couple of weeks playing her and myself and friends love it
    Ordered new electronics hardware and strings
    I will also be shielding the cavity with copper
    The question I have is if I shield the cavity and pick guard and ground the copper shielding to the ground on the input jack do I eliminate the grounding loop on the controls since the pots are in contact with the copper shielding. I’m thinking if I wire the electronics per the standard P bass wiring diagram I will create a ground loop
    Feed back please and wiring diagrams are welcome
    Thank you
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    Jul 8, 2016
    The answer you received from Line6man was the correct one; you don't need to worry about ground loops.
  3. BlueTalon

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    Yeah, there's not enough circuit there for there to be a loop. It's all the same ground. You can check it by using a multimeter. Once the bridge is grounded to the shielding and the shielding is connected to the ground of the output jack, you can test the resistance from anywhere to anywhere and the reading should be zero ohms or very close to zero ohms.
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