SOLD Shift Line Olympic MKIIIS Tube Bass Preamp

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    Feb 22, 2018
    Mint Condition

    Includes original packaging and papers. Everything is mint. It was a well cared for pedal in my rig.
    Very cool tube bass pre based on the Alembic F-2B with a lot of additional features such as a headphone amp with aux in, effects loop, and IR based cab sims.

    Price includes shipping CONUS


    From the manufacturer (Shift Line OLYMPIC MkIIIS Tube bass preamplifier with IR-based cabinet simulation):

    Tube bass preamplifier with IR-based cabinet simulation

    The Olympic MkIIIS is the newest revision of Shift Line’s bass preamplifier that combines the classic tube sound with modern audio processing technologies, creating a true “Swiss Army knife” for bass players as a result. Sculpting your signature sound and taking it anywhere you go has never been easier.

    The Olympic MkIIIS is a compact, fully-featured tube preamplifier with a warm, deep and characteristically compressed sound. The device’s universal connectivity allows to use it even in the most complex setups.

    The cabinet simulation is based on the Impulse Response Convolution technology, which provides a realistic and detailed sound while preserving the character of the power amp, cabinet and microphone used to record the impulse.

    The device comes with two built-in cabinet impulses: SUNN 200s 2х15 and AMPEG SVT-810E 8х10. The microSD card slot allows users to upload their own cabinet impulses.

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