Shine RK2000NT (4001) ricky style black UK

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  1. neilotudor42


    Dec 15, 2012
    An "almost" copy of the famous 4001 bass for sale.
    Highly regarded, please see the review here from "Performing Musician" magazine a couple years ago...prob the best playing version you can get to the orig article..

    review conclusion here:

    I like the Shine range a lot and use their six-string bass regularly on gigs. The RK2000NT represents the higher end of their always-affordable range, and overall it succeeds just about every way in recreating the vibe and playing experience of a classic Rickenbacker 4001 bass.
    It looks (headstock apart, but who’s carping?) authentic in the main and is a delight to play, being light, perfectly balanced, with a resonant neck and body and an excellent set of electrics that give the sounds you know and love. Yes, it’s a copy, but it does the job with the customary Shine aplomb. And in these cash-strapped times, who could ask for more?

    please e mail me, and I will send pics by return, my e mail is

    [email protected]

    Perfect condition,, no scratches or dings...

    black hard case..
    this is a right hand bass..

    Payment by paypal.. or a pick up with cash if your in the North West UK, Merseyside area


    thank you