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    Mar 6, 2001
    How have people shipped thier bass guitars and ampsd to people? I am going to auction of my current setup, but have no idea how i am gonna send it to someone if needed. What packaging should i use and where do i get it?

    I don't need any help with delivery, just how to package the goods. A bass guitar and small 10w practice amp.
  2. 1 - wrap the bass in a piece of cloth ( old bed-sheets ? )
    2 - wrap the whole package in another piece of cloth ( even older bed-sheets ? )
    3 - find a box that's 1" bigger on all sides than the bass
    4 - get a lot of plastic-chips ( the stuff they fill boxes with )
    5 - insert large layer of chips
    6 - insert bass with cloth
    7 - fill box with chips
    8 - find another box, that's at least 1" bigger on all sides than the box with the bass
    9 repeat step 4 to 7, but insert box instead of insert bass.
    10 - put some stickers on the box saying " HANDLE WITH CARE - BREAKABLE STUFF INSIDE "

    and for the amp.. well.. wrap it in cloth and insert it into a box as well.. with some chips too.. and at least 1" space on all sides.

    Then send it with UPS or something.. for $ 30 bucks extra the package is insured up to $ 4000..

    that should do the trick..
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    Mar 6, 2001